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I have not given up on Baltimore this early in his career, but he looks extremely limited on the offense end.  He did rebound well last season, but,  in very limited action, so I can’t go too crazy about his rebounds per minute.  A lot of that was in meaningless OOC action.  I like Chuku’s athleticism and body more than CB.  CB is a bit light in my opinion, and I am not sure of his willingness to “bang” from what I have seen.  He looked lost at times last year, and not in much of a flow of the game.  Obviously, he was a freshman, but he looks like a project.  But, it is about matchups and both will need to contribute for sure for the team to have success.  I think Chuku creates a lot of matchup problems for other teams, as he has a varied offensive game (block/midrange/perimeter).  I don’t see CB being a matchup problem for anybody’s defense.  He is limited to about 6 feet from the basket and in.  Maybe those two with a little JG in the mix as well as a shot blocker/changer in the paint.    Chuku did see very good competition in high school (top guys out of that league were elite top 10 players nationally) and does have a lot of Euro experience.

I also like BJB, but in reality his “experience” is about 8-10 college games, after a 2 year layoff.  He did improve late in the season with minutes, and I like his on the ball defending on the perimeter and he has shown an ability to knock down the 3.  He needs to show more confidence in his dribble/drive game.  He needs to limit turnovers as when he tries to show something on the offensive end, he has a tendency to turn the ball over and be a bit out of control.  I think BJB will be in a battle for minutes with DC.  But, both are supreme PL level athletes, so hopefully both get significant minutes.  I do give Bailey the early knod as he has shown a willingness to defend and the coach likes that.  Also, probably stronger on the glass than DC.  I think those two are going to be ahead of the other wing shooters (AD and SC).  I think last year’s freshman class will struggle for minutes.  And, if MM is not playing solid minutes at the point, I think you are going to see a lot of CJ at the 1 with DC or BJB at the 2.