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Love this stuff TMH and 90,thanks for posts. Welcome back 9o, it is a great video in terms of filling in what we were missing from KUA videos I posted during last season. This season, clearly the biggest factor is how the front court comes together, as we know we got guards out the ying-yang. You have 5 guys 6’6 or bigger and you have 3 real questions after the two seniors up front. CB, is a soph, so he has inside track at PT. He showed some flashes last year in rebounding department in limited limited action, and I know he had some great HS stats TMH,  but I agree with 90 in that we didn’t see a whole lot last year. I think we can all agree that we were left with more questions then answers, in my opinion. I know he had great rebound stats in limited time last year, but he looked rather inept on the offensive end of the floor….now we don’t need him to score at all this year, just defend and rebound, and I think he can do that effectively. CB is big for this team, if he developed this will be a huge help to LU. Like 90, my big question is what is the end game for CB. He has that huge wing span but is just 6’6 and is definitely “light in the pants”. He is an undersized 4 and his offensive potential is questioned at this point, but lots of hard work can correct that. A lot of JC euro video questions regarding competition, and I mean I haven’t researched the heck out of this, but on his GB team he was 3rd best player behind the guard Devon Von something who plays pro in spain and just missed making GB olympic team and ali fraser who had a big year last year for maine as a soph. JC was 3rd best guy on team, and their team finished 6th. So competition had to be decent and his prep league is legit, no one can question that. I’m obviously high on JC, and think hecan be and really has to be an impact guy for this team on day 1 for LU to be really really special this year. He can contribute on offense right away and has that strong 6’8 frame to rebound in traffic for us on the defensive end. Remember JC is 19.5 yrs old upon arrival on campus, he is raelly a sophomore in age and body. Then JG, who we just don’t know a heck about, but reed said long/athletic and that sounds good. I think JC plays more then CB, and CB and JG fight for 4th and 5th big spot in the rotation.

As for lineup, I think we start the year how we ended it really minus adams…so mackey, cj, bjb, holden, knutson…off the bench, I think JC is first big off bench if I had to guess, and at guard play it will be CS at the 1 and then we’ll see if DC beats out AD and SC, my guess is yes…think we’re all pretty high on DC and I think he like JC can leap over sophomore class for playing time….


Bottom line – we’re guard heavy, inexperiened up front, but loads of potential….


we need production from CB, JC, and