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This seems to be one of the few threads that has gained traction so if no one minds I would like to continue.

First of all I would be very,very happy with any of the mentioned contenders as our fifth starter however:

1.)I don’t need nor particularly want a big offensive presence here especially away from the basket. I envision a role player in the mold of Rodman,Ben Wallace, Kurt Rambis. The 2012-2013 version of Lehigh basketball will not be short on shooters.  The remaining players on the team shot 35% from the 3 with CJ being one of the lowest and he is now considered one of the best outside shooters in the country. I want my PF to 1.) rebound the ball 2.) be a stout defensive presence and 3.)get the garbage baskets.

2.)With that in mind, in few games I watched CB played, I watched his technique around the basket. I have 4 criteria in distinguishing a good rebounder.

a.)Instinct. Certain players are blessed with the ability to understand where the ball will likely land and get there. CJ has that ability and I’ve seen it in CB too. One doesn’t average about 17 rpg at 6-6 in HS without it.

b.)Technique.It is one thing to understand where the ball will come down. It is quite another to establish that position and fend your opponents off in short boxing out using your entire body.

c.) Attitude. A rebounder needs to want the basketball, feel that it is his. I thought Carrington got to that point during his senior year and that is what put us over the top in the PL.

d.)Size.I list this last for a reason. I think relatively, it is the least important. Some of the most prolific rebounders in basketball history were not the tallest. Our leading rebounder last year was a 6-3 guard and to me that’s a problem if we want to compete with the bigger boys.

JC is still a bit of an enigma to me. He is considered by several as an offensive threat based on hi-light film and perhaps he is but his #s don’t support that completely. He averaed about 13 ppg in HS, 6.6 on the British team and shot 6-14 from the FT. If he fills the role I outlined earlier, which I absolutely think he can then the fit is perfect.

I simpy ask, don’t relegate CB just yet. I know he played mostly mop-up last year but he is a year older and more mature now. I strongly believe that his minutes were reduced because there were 3 seniors at his position. His scoring average was about the same per minute as everyone else on the team not named CJ or Gabe. He led the team in both rpm and blocks/m. He had as many offensive rebounds as JA in substantially less minutes. Only time will tell but I feel very comfortable about whover mans that position next year an there will be depth.