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Love it TMH.  I think you are spot on about Conroy Baltimore.  I remember when Kenneth Faried was in the draft a couple years back and an NBA scout said that rebounding skill and #’s were the easiest projection for a scout because it comes down largely to desire and instinct and isn’t very much effected by the level of competition.  I still think we might have something in Conroy and have certainly not given up on him.

As for Chuku, I agree there too.  His athleticism gives a ton of reason for optimism and I certainly think he has all the physical skills necessary to be an all PL level player by the end of his career.  And I was absolutely excited abuot seeing him throw down all those contested dunks at the Euro’s. But I agree that his shooting %’s really don’t jive with some other evidence (basically all the 3’s he seemed to be shooting at KUA) and that behind the head release he has really makes me doubt the ” perimeter shooter” label.  If he rebounds, plays good D, and can knock down a 15 footer (which I think he can), and use his athleticism to get some dunks and lay ups – he could be EXACTLY what we need (other than someone besides Gabe over 6’10 – but that is another story for another year apparently).

I’m happy to say that I am extremely excited about both these young guys this year and hope that together they can form a combo that negates the losses of Maneri/Adams and gives us confidence in whoever is playing the 4 at any point this year.