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I agree with everything posted on here about CB.  He has potential to be a solid rebounder and defender and that is what we need next season.  Rebounding is a unique skill and hopefully he will be able to do it next season.  Desire and instinct are the keys.  I would like to see the defense have to show him some respect on the floor.  If his offensive ability is limited (we will see), then his man will be the one running at CJ to trap and double him.  So, you would like CB to have the ability to make the other team pay by leaving him open.  Hopefully, he has the necessary hands to make the catches he will need to finish near the rim.  But, at 6’6″, he is probably going to be the smallest 4 in the PL, and will be giving up height and weight every night.  That is going to be tough for him.  I want to see him succeed, but I just think JC’s upside projects higher than CB.  We should know for sure after the first 10 or so OOC games, next season.  JC certainly looks good in the uniform, but you have to be able to play.