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Great observations and wonderful reporting, guys.  Thanks to you all – LUHoops 00, TMH, Lehigh90, StablerBum, and norcal.  It’s been a great read all summer long.   Lovin ‘ the Board more than ever.  What we may miss quantity we certainly make up in quality.

Norcal , let me assure you that I look forward to our on-going banter and battle.  As for the summer, it’s been one filled with travel.   Trips to Jamaica (daughter’s destination wedding),  Chapel Hill (other daughter’s home town), Cape Cod (get away with wife and friends), Washington D.C. (mandatory visits ya know with brother-in-law/sister-in-law), and Colorado.  Throw in weekly golf outings and, yes, retired life is good.  Now, on to 7 months of Lehigh sports excitement with season tickets in hand – first up Monmouth on September 1st!   Can November 9th (expected Baylor date) be far off?

I have to agree with nearly everything that’s been said about JC, JG and the expected strength and athleticism of our bigs this year.  What has seemingly got little play, however, is the return of Holden Greiner. I say return in that I’m sure he doesn’t want to be remembered as a guy that went 1 for 6 over 24 minutes of play in his last three games (BU, Duke, X).  Certainly, the pain was there not starting the team’s last 9 games and going only 11 for 29 in those brief appearances.  After all, he had shot .447 in his role as a starter, sitting out only one game on 2/11/11, and will remember by most for his play at Michigan State (24 pts. In 38 minutes).  A first team PL player in his last year in his last season at Lehigh.  Count on it.  In fact, why not a team captaincy appointment, too?  After all, Coach Reed has been quoted as saying, “He will help you become the best player you can be.”  Sounds like an endorsement to me.

In the backcourt, I’ll be anxious to see if DC gives BJB, AD, and SC a run for their money/playing time.  As 1st Team All-Ohio (D-II) Player of the Year noted by Reed as a strong defender, it wouldn’t surprise me. As pointed out by many, it’ll come down to who can play D.  The pressure will be on AD and SC to show what they can do.  And, the jury is still out.

Except for following the exploits of CJ this summer (3 skills academy appearance) and knowing the commitment he has to the game and his practice regiment, I know little else when it comes to our  players’ summer activities.  Yes, GK and CS did play summer YMCA ball out in DesMoines, but what else? Anyone know?