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You are living the life. How awesome! I need to read up on these new guys. The year before Andoh and Adams came on board was the first year I starting following LU and BU. Now I must follow some of the new recruits from CA on the other PL teams. If I recall, Lafayette picked up a guy from CA. Army has a guy from CA, his brother played for Mitty. Scrappy guy. LU cannot overlook him if he takes the floor. I can’t recall his name at the moment.

LUHoopsOO, I have no doubt, LU will be a success this year. I noticed the new rules allow the freshman to start practice early. What an advantage that is. I can imagine the new guys want to repeat at the NCAA, BU and yes, HG wants his shot:). Summer school for two quarters, sounds like he is getting academics in order so he can focus on basketball. I wish him the best in his senior year.


Let’s go LU!