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90 – We saw some mixed high school videos that showed him being perimeter oriented on offense, but we didn’t see him defend the post or rebound, so hopefully this is the type of game he can bring on a consistent basis and control the defensive boards with his pro-PL body type at 6’8, athletic, strong and let’s not forget 19.5 yrs old when arriving in Bethlehem this fall…


Also – eat your hearts out with the below boys, highlights from U20 euro championship off of youtube.

Some really great moments here worth reviewing, and it shows a lot more of his game off then we’ve been able to see/find in past videos from KUA. So you still see some fantastic above the rim dunks and some smooth jump shots from deep. But the below clips are pretty telling if you ask me, show additional elements to his game that we’ve not seen.

First clip of video: Nice pump fake and drive to his left with left handed flush, pretty smooth.

14 Second Mark of video – Drive right, stop in middle of lane, fake left and scoop it in up and under right shoulder.

1:10 – Nice movement away from ball, cuts without ball into lane and finishes with authority in traffic with two hands. One common theme throughout videos, is he loves to finish strong, never goes up weak, loves going hard and finishing with dunks…will be fun fun fun next 4 years to watch him wreck havoc on PL.

1:22 – Wow – active on defense, deflection, steal, one on one fast break, defender had proper positioning between JC and the rim, and JC didn’t want to just go up with soft layup, so he goes hard and dunks over the guy. Pretty sick sequence right there.

2:00 – 2:20 – really great sequence, mostly because it shows a pretty high IQ for the game. This sequence of highlights are all versus the same opponent, and first 3/4 highlights of this sequence are long range jumpers over the other teams bigs and step back jumpers over bigs…and the last clip of sequence the big on the other team d’ing up JC is maybe an extra half step closer to try to close out on the jumper, and JC realizes it and takes him to the hole, goes left then right, pauses then pump fakes in lane and then up and under for the deuce.

Didn’t call out any of the blocked shots, but there were some mighty nice ones there. We could be looking at another Carrington type body, a legit 4 in PL, probably an inch taller then Z, with more polished offensive game via jump shot…we can hope!!!

That is all I got folks, if that doesn’t get you out of your seat, get on out of here!