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Memories made off the court:

Reliving in my mind the Duke game as I made the 10 hour drive south and wondering how we’d match-up with Xavier. Unable to make it to Duke, there was no way I was going to miss this chance to see us advance into the Sweet 16. Kept thinking to myself, is Holloway that good, would we surprise them with a zone, who would step up besides CJ, would it be enough? Oh yeah, did I properly set the DVR before the leaving the house to be sure I captured our move to the Sweet 16?

> Pre-game LU Gathering at Jakes (neighborhood bar) where over 150 player-family members, fans, former players and alumni met for 4+ hours prior to our 8pm Xavier tip. Young and old sharing tales of the glorious season and the thrill of taking down Duke. Great opportunity to tell tales of past and present seasons. Where else does one get to chance to chat with and thank the Moms and Dads for their sons’ season-long outstanding efforts? Will long remember the two-way bonding and friendship developed. Listening to CJ’s dad tell stories of his son’s commitment to the game and his future hopes. Getting tattoed (small L/Mountain Hawk) by Mary Knutson. Meeting the Maneri’s and their son, Steve (6’6,” 290 lb Kansas City Chief lineman), at the bar. Wondering did he play b’ball and how is younger brother would do later in the day when pitted against Frease, Xavier’s 7-footer. Sharing a few moments with Denis Schaefer (Basketball Head Coach, Grand View University, D-II) and thinking how great it is to have a coach’s son as our PG in waiting. All in all, a perfect kick-off event. My compliments to the organizers. If I had to guess, it would be LU2007 and his crew.

> Seeing my future son-in-law, a true UNC fan, enjoy his team in what I told him would be the preliminary event that day

> The 200 yard walk from Jakes that turned into 1/2 mile hike around the Coliseum perimeter. Where the hell is the entrance door to Will Call?!@#$

> Trying to buy a LU T-shirt at vendor stations around the arena only to find out it was the only team shirt labeled “sold-out”

> The one t-shirt that read LU BEAT DUKE. Sure to be a hot seller for whoever had the idea. Brown lettering on a blue background in honor of both the Mountain Hawks and our newest/best friends from North Carolina

> Borrowing a press pass to get onto the court to thank Matt Kerr (LU’s radio guy) for his outstanding efforts all season long. You don’t know how lucky we are to have him. Maybe you do, having heard the BU and HC broadcasts. I’m sure Matt never thought months ago he be seating three seats away from Jim Nance doing the biggest game of his life.

> Seeing Clara Adams walk down the aisle knowing our voices would be heard when it came time to cheer

> The many NC fans that stuck-around for our game and………..
joined us in our “D-fense,” “Let’s go Lehigh,” and “L-U” chants

lined-up (10 deep) to have their pictures taken with Clutch (LU Mascot)

high-fiving anyone wearing the “brown” as we walked around the arena

Game Time Thoughts:

> Thanks to hoops90, LUHoops00, and others for earlier posts. Tremendous recaps. Can’t argue with much that has been said.

>Thinking “what’s up with this?!” As Coach Reed walked 40 feet over to the Xavier bench to seek-out and shake the opposing coach’s hand prior to the teams breaking huddle for opening tip. Always recalled the leaders meeting one another in front of the scorer’s table.

> Team dead tired. Emotionally-spent. Doubt Reed over-worked them but instead attribute it to post-game Duke media hoopla, etc. Never saw so many shoots clang off the front of the rim.

> Wasn’t troubled with sitting CJ in first half after getting his 2nd PF. He did log 34 minutes matching (actually bettering) his season-average of 33.1 mpg. I know the offense runs through CJ – as it should – but tonight (when sat) Mackey had it under control for the most part.

> Ice-cold shooting in 2nd half (making just 5 of 34 fga attempts) was the culprit. Give me just 10 of 34 (.294) with a couple of 3’s thrown-in and we win the game – problems with Frease notwithstanding.

Post-game thoughts:

> Deflated. Like taking a punch to the gut.

> Loss a highly winnable game.

> Reed and Company can stay as long as they want. Perhaps Coach of the Year voting should be delayed until after post-season play is completed. Just kiddin, Bison137. Your Man, Paulsen, did a great job this year.

> Might be harder to schedule top-notch opponents next year.

> Zell Awards Banquet is April 14th. Let’s turn out in mass!

> 68 teams began play in the NCAA’s. 67 will lose their last game. So, get over it!

> Disappointed but never been so proud to say that I’m from Lehigh.