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I agree ’90 about the lack of adjustment on Frease. Reed obviously knew going in that Gabe didn’t have the size to match up one on one. Once he saw Xavier going to that well over and over with success, I think he should have had a guard dig down and help as soon as Frease put the ball on the floor, or even on the catch. Frease doesn’t have great coordination or court savvy to find the open man off the double team. MM, CJ, BJB are also all very quick and do a pretty good job of getting back out to shooters from help situations.

As for fouling earlier, I’m not as convinced. The team seemed pretty deflated from their inability to make shots, and I think we all thought that eventually some shots would start to fall. In hindsight I agree that fouling earlier may have given the team a better chance, but I never remember watching the game and thinking that I wish the team would start fouling.