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More comments later (just returned from Greensboro) as this is my day to babysit by 5 year-old granddaughter. Have my hands full, to say the least.

But, on the topic of doubling-down on Frease. Yes! I was not pleased with the too-often single attention given their 7’0″ / 275 lb moose. We made him look sooooo good when, in fact, he’s a 24 minute guy who average 10 ppg and connects on slightly more than half his shots from the center post. Maneri (12 minutes) needed more playing time. For that matter, so did Greiner (12 minutes) who could have been instrumental in limiting Frease. As for Holden, he hit one of his first two shots and more importantly looked comfortable in doing it. But, you look up, and he’s gone. Somehow, he managed 5 boards. This could have been one of his biggest days and he never seemed to on the court when most needed. He, too, could have helped keep Frease in check. On the other hand, you have Jordan looking lost and taking what too-often appeared to be ill-advised shots and not near a single rebound opportunity. Perhaps a small exaggeration, but you get the idea. A difficult 16 minutes for a good guy and worthy team captain. His line score told the story: 0 boards, 0 points (0-6) and 2 PFs. He’s no doubt feeling the pain today. Yes, managing the bigs in their pursuit of Frease was my biggest complaint.

As for getting Frease in foul trouble, I was calling for it – as were the guys in Section 124/Row MM. How can we not do it?! The guy escaped with 0 personals in 34 minutes. Unacceptable! I looked up at the scoreboard with exactly 11 minutes to play in the game and we had them in the bonus! What do we do? We shoot more 3’s – only one of which fell and that was too little too late. That’s 1 out of 15 in the second half. Hard to recall many drives into the lane looking to get fouled. Must have been some, but in my way of thinking not nearly enough.