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Good recap 90, yeah, I too leave this season so very satisfied and joyous as to the success, but man that xavier game left a bad taste in my mouth. I agree, if we were totally outclassed by a UK or Baylor, I’d tip my hat and be off. But that X game was so freeking winnable, we go 13 of 20 from FTs, they hit some unreal tough buzzer 3’s, and we shot 15% from field in second half and still were tied at 52. Per my other post,w e could have used KM last night in a big way vs Frease from X.

I disagree with you on the CJ decision to end first half, you can’t let him get his 3rd there. I know it is easy to say 20/20 hindsight post-game, but we still had game tied at 52 with a shot to win it. If CJ got his 3rd it;d have made for a tough 2nd half. With that said, it was crucial/critical turning point of game.

I also think we tired, I think the emotional high of the Duke game, countless media interviews and attention, had some wear and tear on our boys. I think you could see it defensively we looked a step slower then usual and I quote the missed FTs and 15% FG in 2nd half…We were in this game with all that and a 5 for 20+ from our star…tough to swallow but what a year…leaves one craving more LU Hoops….which is so cool!