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One has to assume that LU has two big men lined up for recruitment that are highly likely to sign.

It’s possible that there is one more scholarship available for the high school class of 2014. There are two variables. One the NCAA has a scholarship limit in men’s basketball of 13. Some Patriot League programs (Bucknell, Lafayette, maybe others) have put in a self imposed cap of 12. It is unclear wether Lehigh is offering 12 or the NCAA max of 13. If John Ross Glover is on scholarship, we are at the 13 number with Ross’s commitment. If JRG is a walk-on, that would put as at 12 with the POSSIBILITY to take one more player in the 2014 class.

Additionally, there has been very little chatter lately connecting Lehigh to any 2014 big men, so right now I would say it is unlikely, but not impossible that Lehigh brings in a big in this class. Bringing in two big men however is out of the question, unless one is a walk on.