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I was pleasantly surprised reading this. I thought this kid was an afterthought in the class, but apparently not. If this kid is truly this talented, he is going to be on the floor, it sounds like immediately. PL Freshman of the Year?, you have to get minutes for that to happen. Creates an interesting logjam. I guess at this point, you may have to pencil him in as your backup PG, with MM as the starter. Perhaps, the majority of CS’s minutes are going to come at the 2 next season, or perhaps, MM spends some time at the 2. I think you may also have the possibility of MS and AP leaping other more established players, if they are that talented. It seems like they both could be 15-20 minute guys. CR has gotten a lot of love on here, and we all love his athleticism, but can he really find minutes as well? Somebody’s minutes are going to have to drop to get these guys run, and maybe it is AD and SC. Plus, JRG, where will he fit after his transfer? I can’t wait to see this new class. We are excited about the incoming bigs (JC, TK and SW), but we could be really deep in the backcourt as well, especially if AP and MS blossom in 2-3 years. If nothing else, I think we will be the most athletic team in the PL.