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On paper (offers, postseason accolades, scouting reports), Simelton is one of the most highly touted recruits entering the PL this year. Certainly not an afterthought.

JRG will almost certainly be sitting out this year, so he likely won’t factor into the logjam in 13-14. I think AP will be able to play the 3 in certain line-ups and I don’t think we will see him at the 1 at all. I certainly think it’s possible that these freshman leapfrog some of their older teammates. What is most interesting to me is how MM, CS, and MS will share minutes. All three seem to be point guards first, although all three can probably play some at the 2. My guess is a lot of 3 guard line-ups but there are so many unknowns it is hard to predict minutes for anyone aside from MM.