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Well laid out TMH, as I think this is a good discussion point, and there are so many moving pieces to this topic. So you are right, he is a combo guard, and has played the one and two. I think, he can immediately step into PL and get his points on offense as a 2 guard, because he is smooth offensively and has a nice jump shot. Next year’s team, with MM coming back to start for the 4th straight year at the pg position, you don’t need AP to come in and be a 1, so you probably use him in a scoring role alongside DC as your scoring guards. However, post next year, you could slide him back over if you don’t think CS is a top PL Level starting PG or if you haven’t gotten a pure 1 in either this or next years recruiting class. My gut, pure gut, is telling me DC is more a 2 then a 1, and I think AP is more a 1 then DC is. I guess we could learn something about how Reed uses his last two schollies this year. For example, if he gets Devon Thomas then we know LU looks at AP as a scoring guard who they’ll just run out there and say go get yours. If we get a Senat and a Bah or a Myers and a Bah, well then it is open for interpretation post MM career what happens to AP. Long ways away, and bottom line is, the more ball handlers and options at the 1 that you have the better off you are…thank god we have options and we’re blessed to have AP in the stable!!!