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I’ll add my $.02 to the discussion of where I see Austin fitting in.  I don’t see him ever seeing more than spot minutes at PG.  His primary attribute is his jumper and by all accounts he played very well this summer at the 2 spot for The Family.  To me it doesn’t make sense to put a shooter/scorer at the 1 where he has all the repsonisibilities of getting others involved and bringing up the ball, when you could have him instead running of double and staggered screens for open jumpers and driving lanes.   In his video, he seems like a capable ball handler and passer but not a blow by and kick out type pg at all.

However, in the PL you can get away with having two 6’3 guys as your wings (AP and DC) as long as at least one is strong and a good rebounder – which by accounts so far Devon Carter is.  So I don’t see it is a problem to groom both of them to be off the ball scorers that can play at the same time. 

As for the 1 spot, obviously there is Mackey this year and next.  I also like Corey Schaefer a lot, even if he is likely never going to be an All-PL player.  I would be totally fine skipping a PG in this years class unless there is someone exceptional (maybe Devon Thomas?) and bringing in another point guard in the high school class of ’14.  That would mean that when Mackey graduates, you have a year of Corey Schaefer starting and splitting time with a freshman, before that player is ready to take over as a soph.  And if Austin Price sees some time at the 1 during that transition, all the better.  But I don’t see him as a point guard long term.