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I agree that I don’t see Price as a long-term solution at the point after MM graduates.  He looks like a 2, so will battle for minutes with DC in the future.  As for the rest of recruiting this year, I say big men.  You can never have enough bigs, particularly in a mid-major league.  One of the most shocking things in the 2 NCAA games Lehigh played against Duke and Xavier was the shear size difference in the frontcourts.  The Plumlee kid at Duke, the younger of the two with the blond hair, was a monster, as was the center from Xavier.  If you want to step up in those kind of games, you need more bigs.  So, I would look to continue to add size.  If you look at how the front court shapes up in the future, you have a lot of string bean types in CB, JG, and now Kempton.  None of them are too wide.  This is where the team will miss KM and JM.  Maybe bring in a big or two with some girth, role player, defend the paint and rebound.  If they can block shots that is a bonus.  After big men, my priority would be a point guard, a true point guard, or a scoring lead guard.  You have MM for 2 more years, but CS does not project to be a starter on this team moving forward, unless he really progresses.  So, if you could bring in a talented point, that would be helpful.  I also like the idea of your back up PG adding another dimension to the game.  I like a really quick back up point who can push tempo, a guy like Prentice Small, I think adds a dimension to a team.  CS is hopefully going to be a low turnover, pass first PG, who hits the open 3, but he is never going to break anybody down off the dribble.  Another really quick point, who can dribble and dish would be nice to have on the team.  A change of pace guy for MM. 

I generally think the most difficult things to bring in are going to be big men, then really quality point guards.  Wings are going to be more of a dime a dozen, so that would be my lowest priority.  I also wouldn’t put too much stock in these high school ratings.  If you are talking 5 star guys and most 4 star guys they have more validity, but we can all find unrated studs and 4 star rated stiffs.  I think Brandenburg at Colgate was a 4 star guy and his record speaks for itself.  Guys like CJ and Queenan were never highly rated coming out of high school.  It’s very difficult to project the mid level guys when the game gets faster in college, just like it is often difficult to project from college to pro.