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Couple other quickies on this guys:

1) I find it pretty interesting that after the Duke win, we pick up a signing from the Raleigh/Durham area.  I can’t recall in recent history any players at Lehigh from that area of the country, outside of Joe Knight who was a transfer from down there.  So, maybe that win is helping out in recruiting.

2) The offer list he had is pretty incredible if accurate, although I have my doubts.  This guy essentially turned down the ACC (NCSU, plus hometown school), Big East (USF), top A-10 (Xavier), and 2 powerhouse mid-majors (GMU and Davidson, also in-state).

3) On, perhaps, the downside.  Looks like he played at a Christian high school, which could be good or bad.  But, often the competition at those schools is very thin.  Didn’t Gourley play at a Christian academy?  Maybe somebody can comment on his competition level.  Numbers are impressive in high school.

Kudos to coaching staff.