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This may be blind optimism but I believe Lehigh basketball has kicked off this momentum shift with their victory over Duke. Suddenly Lehigh sports has become more relevant. Sport fans in the Lehigh Valley suddenly have a low cost destination.
Why did lacrosse draw well? Because suddenly we are a nationally ranked team playing other nationally ranked teams. Those in the lacrosse community will come out to see the best.
I hope that Joe Sterrett will put together a highly competitive schedule incl an ACC team to come to Ulrich to keep this momentum going.
Basketball is a different animal altogether. 1.) It competes with wrestling which has a long standing fan base 2.)Even with last year’s showing, we may not have cracked the Top #70 and because of the size of the arena, we can never put together a package to draw a big name rival here.
I feel a momentum shift though, although only time will tell if it’s sustainable. C.J. McCollum has quickly become very marketable. How Lehigh handles it remains to be seen but I envision significant increases in attendance next season.