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I’m not privy to the fees paid by Baylor, VCU and UNT or if hotel and ground transport fees were included. As the story goes (see link below) Gregg Nibert, Presbyterian Head Coach was quoted as saying they collected a check from Clemson in 2008 after a 79-58 loss in a guaranteed game. “They needed a game. So they gave us $85,000, air and ground transportation and two nights’ lodging.” That was 4 years ago! No telling what we were paid this year by the 3 schools. My guess: High 5 – Low 6 figures each. (quoted from

As for Pitt, I would direct you to Page 5 / Finances of the 2012 NIT Season Tip-Off Team Manual. Apparently, we received “2 shares” (value ?) having won our first game (Robert Morris) and later losing to Pitt. in the second.

Finally, I know of no air travel other than the ones you mentioned, i.e., Baylor and UNT.