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Interesting.  I was thinking about the VCU game, in particular, in that I sat in somebody’s season tickets.  The face was $17 and change.  The arena holds 7,200, and it was an announced sellout (something like VCU’s 27th in a row).  So, ticket revenue is about $122,400.  There is a tiny suite section in the Siegel Center, but looked like one suite.  They are collecting  parking revenue, and concessions, of course.  Plus, they must have some radio and TV revenue (game was on national TV).  But, if Lehigh gets $100,000 for playing, that seems like a ton of money.  UNT probably works out worse for the home team, as their arena was empty.  I think they had 3,000 announced attendance at that one, and I can’t think tickets in Denton, TX are pricey.

In a way, I am a little surprised Lehigh would bus to VCU.  That is a pretty good drive.  On a bus, I am thinking it took them around 7 hours each way.