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Fun guessing what Reed might do with playing time. I’m guessing he rewards our walk-ons (CG and TS) for all their work in daily practice with 10 minutes each and cuts back all the starters (my guess: GK, HG, MM, CS, and AD) to 15-18 minutes each. I’d say even less time but with CJ gone, we need to see this lineup click. That would leave 90 – 105 for your group of 4 plus BJ. Most anxious to see what time DC gets.

As for our last D-III game, don’t hold your breath. This one was dropped in to fill a void in our schedule as practically all other neighboring conferences, e.g., NEC have begun their conference play. Who knows what next year will bring. As it turns out, this game comes at a good time as we must work on a new lineup and hey, it’s Muhlenberg – our Valley neighbor. Why not build some goodwill throughout the region?