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I hope you are right. But, last year’s schedule, for the most part, outside the guarantee games you mention was terrible, as outlined many times in other discussions. We all know that Lehigh scheduling will be difficult, but Bucknell manages to play a good schedule year after year and they certainly had NCAA success. Their arena is smaller than Stabler. And, they just got a 2-1 Penn State deal. No more excuses for the AD when it comes to basketball scheduling. If you move the basketball to a better place (A10, I know it is a pipe dream), then you can’t play the 300+ puffs we love to schedule. And, if you put Lehigh in an elite football conference, then you get solid conference games, and you are the puff for a couple of D1 FBS teams. Look at a school like Wofford or Georgia Southern, who Lehigh competes with now in football nationally at the 1AA level. They have a game or two vs teams like Clemson or Georgia. Far cry from Monmouth and Central Connecticut State.