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I understand and appreciate your position however as an alumnus and sports fan (strictly basketball ?), your perspective is vastly different than that of a University president or trustee member. Duke, which may be the epitome of what you strive for is about twice the size of Lehigh in enrollment with 5 to 6 X the endowment. Vanderbilt and Rice, whose endowments are about 4X Lehigh’s are doormats in bigger conferences. I’m sure that would frustrate you too.
Think about this for a moment, we finished 6th in the nation in FCS football, ahead of all CAA teams, 8th in wrestling, were 7th in lacrosse,made the NCAA tournament and beat Duke in basketball and will out in Norman, OK playing NCAA softball. Lehigh and the Patriot League is making a name for itself. With football schollies, CJ & Co, lacrosse elite status & perhaps the best wrestling recruiting class in the country, the future has never looked brighter for Lehigh athletics.