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Tough loss last night. The team played an A- game for 14 minutes and then a D game the rest of the way. We play a B game last night and we are in the sweet sixteen. Couldn’t believe we were still in the game with 8 minutes left considering how poor we were on offense.

That said, what a tremendous weekend. Everyone played so hard and focused. Lehigh got a win in the NCAA tournament . Let that sink in for a second. What an awesome weekend!

Mackey may have taken the step we have all been waiting for. He has played phenomonally the last 3 weeks and his confidence must be sky high.

I would have liked to see Holden in the 2nd half when we couldn’t buy a bucket. He played well in the first half, and I thought maybe he could come in and bring some offense. Hamilton seemed a bit in over his head, and Holden was our 3rd leading scorer on the year. Thought he should have gotten a shot to break us out of our drought on offense when everyone else was bottled up.