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Thanks for the conversation van :-). I love talking Lehigh sports.

1.) I’m not absolutely certain but I think the pass to Sherman was 20 yards downfield. I seem to recall that most people in the stands thought it was #80 Kurfis but instead it was #20 Sherman.
2.)Drive #2 included at 11 yarder to S-F-Soto, 1 10 yarder to Parris, a 13 yarder to S-F-Soto, a 10 yarder to S-F-Soto and finally the 15 yarder to Hayden. Throwing the ball downfield does not mean 40 yard passes. Much of our passing in the 1st half though were long screens. That works if Princeton was playing off the receiver. I didn’t personally see that happening. Coaches likely saw more.
3.)The third drive also included a 21 yarder to Kurfis.
4.)The 4th drive was nicely drawn up and executed to score and take a lot of time off of the clock. Kudos all around.

Do the same exercise for CCSU. The way the game played out was nearly identical.