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I attended the CCSU and Princeton games. Here are my uneducated observations.
1.)People need to start jumping on the BB bandwagon. He is a left handed Chris Lum clone yet all I hear is how we should be bringing Shafnisky in. Consider this:

Chris Lum Senior season
In 13 games, he completed 358 of 543 passes or 65.9% for 4,378 yards 32 TDs and 17 picks

Extrapolate BB’s performances for 13 games
364 for 542 or 67.2% for 5,074 yards 39 TDs and 17 picks

Like Lum, he doesn’t have superior arm strength or Clovin type running ability but has shown nice scrambling, is accurate and read defenses very well.

I really like this young man.

On a related note:
Ryan Spadola junior year stats
In 12 games 96 catches for 1,614 yards and 11 TDs

Extrapolated Lee Kurfis for 12 games (just for fun)
120 catches for 2,340 yards and 16 TDs

I know, still a lot of football to play but 2 pretty good reasons to be excited about Lehigh football, in addition to 3-0.

2.)Pandy will be fine over time.Kicking is such a mental game. Mark Mosely won the NFL MVP one year ans stank the next. David Akers and Mason Crosby recently followed up phenomenal years with terrible ones. I suspect that by the time he graduates, he will be considered one of our all time best. He’s only 18.

3.)We tend to play extremely well late in the game when coming from behind. The players haven’t changed. Perhaps the defenses have to some extent. The difference for me is play calling, both offensively and defensively. We tend to spend 3/4 of the game trying to establish a run and passing horizontally. We move the ball but often break down before scoring. It is only in the 4th quarter where we really begin our vertical game. I would like to see us use the pass to establish the run rather than the reverse.
Defensively, we play well off the receiver for 3 qtrs. CCSU and especially Princeton exploited it consistently by throwing underneath and then using an off receiver to block. We tend to tighten up our coverages only late in the game when we need the ball back in a hurry.