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I like TMH’s assessment.

BTW: Shafnisky is in every game, as holder, providing a freshman-freshman connection there. No, we do not have a BCS-level kicking game yet, but at least our kickoffs are at a high FCS level (except the last one last night). Pandy has more raw power than most LU kickers have had; he needs confidence, experience and maybe an off-season series of visits to a sports psychologist.

Question: Has anyone watched closely just how good the snaps and holds have been?

I’m a little concerned about the DL — no brutal guys like in years past, except possibly Newton — the LBs are a little small (but seem to be very athletic and football savvy) and I cringe watching some of the CB play against relatively weak competition.

But they have stepped up when it counts, which is what matters.

Speaking of undersized LBs: Take, for example, junior Isaiah Campbell (5-10, 190) — who closed out the games against CCSU and PU with a pass breakup and INT.

Loved seeing BB’s long first-down run the other day, and his spin out move from what could have been a critical sack on one of the late drives. Amazing he’s really played QB in only three games.

Should BB have started last year?

Hopefully LU can get a blowout game one of these days (Columbia, Georgetown, Bucknell??) and the other QBs can get some reps to help prepare them for next year.