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I will go on record here that I would be shocked, absolutely shocked, if we went zone for many reasons. 1 – limited experience doing it. We’ve gone zone so so little this year, you would hate to lose not doing what you do best. 2. If this was a frontcourt oriented offense with limited shooters, I’d agree, pack it in, but Duke shooters(curry dawkins rivers) have deep range and can kill zone. 3. Reed hasn’t struck me in the past as a guy who likes to change, he sticks with his guys and schemes. 4. I think you stick m2m and make plumlees win game, not that they can’t but rather lose to them then open jumpers from duke shooters. Remember the stat I had other night, somethibg like 750 of 1800 fg attempts were 3. Its pick your poison and I say m2m.