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    For those of you worried about The Hawks of UMES (KenPom 331) taking-up a slot on our 2012-13 schedule, fret no more.  Their just released schedule shows but one PL team on the docket.  That is AU at Bender Arena on January 2nd.

    Fyi, UMES did, however, land dates with UConn, Maryland and Cincinnati.  All on the road, of course.



    No surprise here………….Lehigh will travel west to Loretto on December 8th to face the Red Flash of St. Francis University.  SFU will also play Colgate, American, Lafayette and Bucknell out of the Patriot League.  The Red Flash finished 6-23 (5-13 in NEC) last year.






    You can now add Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) to our schedule.  In what could be labeled a “RPI Killer” (3-26 last year / 328 KenPom), the Knights, based out of Teaneck (NJ), will visit Stabler on December 1st.  Many no doubt hope this concludes what would be a two-game series .  Lehigh won the inaugural game last season 72-61.

    Word has it that FDU added 5 newcomers to this year’s roster, including two who may make some noise in the backcourt: Sekou Harris and Sidney Sanders.  With Harris at the helm, Plainfield High School won four consecutive New Jersey sectional championships and two straight Group Three state titles.  Harris averaged 19 points in his final three games with Plainfield, including the Tournament of Champions final.  Sanders, on the other hand, was named First Team All-State in South Carolina, while being named the Class 2A South Carolina Player of the Year.




    If I get to Stabler this year, it won’t be for that match-up 65, haha! Thanks for keeping the schedule thread updated and active bud, hope all is well for you.



    Muhlenberg is confirmed for the 2012-13 schedule per the Mules team website.  Game is 1/8/13 @ Stabler.




    I could be dead-wrong, but I’m guessing when the dust settles we’ll find that a number of area conferencess  begin their intra-league play days before we do in the PL.  For example, last year the NEC began play on Jan. 5th.  Not sure about this year but the same could hold true.  If they and other conference begin play on or about the 6th of Jan, we’d be left with no one to play before kicking off our season on Sat., Jan. 12th.   Picking up a game with Muhlenberg on Tuesday, the 8th gives us yet another chance to go head-to-head with the enemy, albeit a non-DI squad.  In my book it beats yet another  “White vs. Brown” scrimmage.



    Here is my shot at what we have so far.  I just wanted to put it all in one place so we could get an idea of what we are looking at.

    Pre-season NIT: @Pitt, with Robert Morris and Fordham
    NIT semi-finals @ MSG or regional sectionals @ unkown/possibly hosting(is that how that works?)

    Home: FDU on 12/1, Fordham on 12/4, and Muhlenburg on 1/8
    Road: @ Baylor around 11/9, @ Sacred Heart on 11/27, @ St. Francis (PA) on 12/8, @ Quinnipiac, @ VCU on 1/5



    You got it, SB.

    As for the Pre-season NIT and if run the same way it was last year………should we not win two out in Pitt and thereby advance to MSG, we and the other “non-advancers” (two more from  the Pitt pod and three from each of the other the 3 host sites for a total of 12) will play colsolation games at the sites of the three highest seeded teams of the original twelve.  For example, Brown, Albany and Manhattan didn’t advance out the Syracuse pod last year.  Syracuse did.  The Brown, Albany, Manhattan trio were sent packing to play consolation round games at two differant sites.  Brown and Albany each went to Fairfax, VA where they played George Mason (host), and Monmouth.  Manhattan went to Colorado State and played Colorado State and UTSA, etc., etc.  Should we not advance out of the Pitt pod and should, for example, all the other pod hosts (Virginia, Kansas State, and Michigan) go on to MSG, there’s a good chance we might be one of the three highest seeds remaining and thereby get to host consolation round games.  Just my opinion.  Can’t wait to see and read the official Preseason lineup of teams and know the seeds.



    Not going to reiterate my anti-Muhlenberg stance, cause it is moot. I will say, that boy this schedule certainly hinges on the ability to win the first round game in NIT at Pitt. Presumably we’ll be the 2 or the 3 seed, so we’d avoid Pitt in round 1, and hopefully get a shot at them in game 2. Should we lose game one, and pending outcome on our “open 4 dates”, this schedule could be pretty poor…especially given the fact that we have a once a generation player at LU and national momentum behind us with big Duke win. If we lose round 1 and miss Pitt, you’re looking at VCU and Baylor as the only real “big” games so to say, unless something breaks right in the open 4 games…hopefully some other good mid majors want a game and a good test and booked up reed and co after seeing our articles/press about needing 4 open dates……it is a shame that we can’t get a drexel or st joes on the schedule, it just makes way to much sense given local alumni in philly, the game would be a huge hit man…huge hit…give the locals who work in philly and are sick of hearing about big 5 local hoops schools a chance to take one of them down…of course, win the Pitt Pod and get a game vs trey burke/michigan squad and the schedule turns respectable…






    Disappointed.  In reality, the schedule could actually be worse than last year.  Again, it looks like a 3 game schedule, plus high 100s, 200 plus and 300 plus RPI teams.

    Michigan St/Iowa St/St. Johns vs. Pitt (maybe)/Baylor/VCU

    I would lean in favor of last year’s power trio.  Could obviously be boosted by winning out in Pittsburgh and advancing to MSG, but that is unlikely.  We are probably headed to a consolation pod, with a decent host team (perhaps) and other weaker teams.  I don’t understand it.  It is going to tough to drive to see a home OOC game with that dreck coming to Stabler.  Think I will save it and hit Pittsburgh or Richmond.  Waco is not a destination that fires me up, so would be tough to get there (fly to Dallas, drive the 90 miles to the land of Koresh and Baptists).  Praying for a Big 5 team to slip on there late.  Or, give me a George Washington or Loyola MD.





    Baylor makes it official. We’re their Home Opener on November 9th!



    (As of 8/21/12)

    Opponent              Date
    at Baylor             11/9
    at Sacred Heart       11/25
    at Quinnipiac         11/27
    FORDHAM               12/4
    at St. Francis (PA)   12/8
    Pre-Season NIT        12/12-14, 12/19-23 (Pittsburgh, RMU, Fordham)
    at VCU                1/5
    MUHLENBERG            1/8
    HOLY CROSS*           1/12
    at American*          1/16
    COLGATE*              1/19
    at Bucknell*          1/23
    LAFAYETTE*            1/26
    at Navy*              1/30
    at Army*              2/2
    at Holy Cross*        2/9
    AMERICAN*             2/13
    at Colgate*           2/16
    BUCKNELL*             2/20
    at Lafayette*         2/23
    NAVY*                 2/27
    ARMY*                 3/2



    I’m thinking two to threee more shoes to drop.   The NIT will generate 4 games whether we advance to MSG or go on to play two in Consolation Round games.  That brings the total to 11 known games + Muhelenberg.   Gotta figure we’ll end up with 13 – 14 on the OOC schedule. Once figured the additions might be: Bryant, St. Peter’s and Wagner , But, each may have been two game contracts (2010-11 and 2011-12) and thus at their end.  Time will tell.  The official release is painfully slow in coming but knowing Lehigh, right on schedule.


    Looks like the ooc schedule shown above has the NIT in the wrong month.     Probably looks more like this:


    at Baylor 11/9
    Pre-Season NIT
    – 1st Game vs Robert Morris 11/12  (at Pittsburgh)
    – 2nd Game vs Pitt or Fordham 11/13  (at Pittsburgh)
    – Championship Semi or Consolation Semi 11/19 or 11/21
    – Championship or Consolation 11/20 or 11/23
    at Sacred Heart 11/25
    at Quinnipiac 11/27
    FORDHAM 12/4
    at St. Francis (PA) 12/8
    at VCU 1/5


    Looks like the Pitt pod in the preseason NIT may not be finalized.    According to Andy Katz:

    “The 16-team NIT Season Tip-Off still isn’t finalized despite a number of schools starting the fall semester. The NIT is still waiting for one more team to fill a pod. That means the four hosts — Kansas State, Virginia, Pitt and Michigan — still don’t know how the bracket would be set if they all advanced to New York for the Thanksgiving week tournament. The NIT won’t tell the four schools the exact pairings since the final team may force a possible change in the other pods.



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