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    A great year in Lehigh sports
    Football 11-2 losing in playoffs to NDSU
    Basketball 27-8 losing in Big Dance to Xavier
    Both had great wins,football beat Towson and basketball beat Duke.
    Both had All Americans
    Lum=CJ, and both of these guys made everyone around them better.
    Which sport rebounds or makes their way back to a PL title and when, who will be our next LUM/CJ to lead us? HELL, even Lax was awesome with a win over UNC.



    Don’t forget wrestling, they were great that year!



    Next year Football, Basketball, Wrestling, maybe lax will be great!


    Think ’15 may be right. That dreaded word potential again. Bball has the best shot.Veteran lineup now and a ton of talent. Football s/b much improved ,also a ton of talent but so many questions. Lax,not sure. We lose our best this season. Dont see next man up being as good. Wrestling a huge pool of talent. Not enuf on paper to get Cornell but we’ll have a decent shot at it.
    Camp starts in a few weeks.



    Looking forward, I think we should have a lot to be excited about for next year. Sounds like we’ve got pretty strong hopes for the incoming football class, and we should probably expect to see major strides. Reading a PL football preview yesterday, it sounds like Fordham loses a lot this year and should come back to the pack a bit. The fresh look that coaches are taking at the roster and open competition in camp sound promising.
    I also expect hoops to take another step forward next year. Another year under the belt for young players, and an off season to prepare and get better. An unusually high return % of production is a nice change.
    On the longer horizon, it feels to me like lax might be the brightest spot across the board. As it stands, it feels like we’re considered a perennial top 20 team, and we play a high level of competition to keep that moving forward. Not ACC-level competition, but it feels like the next-best tier. Hopefully that success continues to bring top-notch recruits. While the start of this season has been bumpy, we did give Loyola a good game. I’m a lax noobie, but that feels encouraging.
    It also seems that wrestling has returned to peak levels, and we have reason to hope for similar or better results next year. True?



    Don’t forget that women’s hoops may be Tourney-bound this year! I think in 2011 women’s hoops made the NCAA tourney as well, losing to Iowa State.

    The first step in bringing football back is dethroning the defending champs, Fordham. Until proven otherwise they need to be the bar we need to beat. Last season we weren’t close to that bar.

    Men’s hoops just needs improvement from last year to next year. This year finished at 3rd in the PL, next step needs to be finish in the Top 2 and secure a postseason bid.

    Man’s and women’s Lax will be strong year in year out.

    Women’s hoops, well, after this year’s qualification for the NCAA tournament… :)



    Interestingly, in 2011-2012, Lehigh won 4 Patriot League Championships. Football, basketball, Men’s LAX and softball.
    In 2012-2013, Lehigh won 6 Patriot League Championships. Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Tennis, Men and Women’s Golf, Men’s LAX and softball.
    Something happened the following year. We admitted 2 new teams, Boston University and Loyola. We didn’t win a single PL Championship but ironically we would have won 4 had it not been for the additions. Women’s Cross Country and Indoor track, Men’s LAX and softball.
    Yes we had some big wins back then but we still do today. Basketball beat Arizona St and DePaul. Wrestling beat #3 Ohio State. All is not bleak and when I read about our recruiting classes now, the word “steal” is used quite a bit.
    I brought this up earlier. The year before our big win over Duke, our basketball team was 16-15. They had a freshman point guard and the best players on the team were freshmen and sophomores. The big difference is this class is being followed by a really, really good recruiting class (at least on paper). I think that there is every opportunity in the world to be optimistic.


    look for BB and wrestling to be strong next year, better than this year
    FB may be better next year, but I don’t see basis for significant improvement, need some frosh to surprise
    Lax should remain competitive with coach we now have, but losing a lot this year (Taylor and Pollion) and don’t see next man up as of yet


    Regarding wrestling, returning points for both CU and LU have it virtually a dead even. Both teams will have redshirts being inserted in the mix so it should be very interesting..as well as on national stage. I see both LU and CU in the top 5 as dual teams. NCAA Tournament will be at MSG–great location for a lot of Lehigh fans to attend for, hopefully, a top 3 finish.

    BBall has all the ingredients for a special season. Ross, with a year under his belt, should really emerge as a star and take pressure off Kempton to always ‘be the man’. Strong supporting cast. Not winning PL and getting to ‘the dance’ will be a disappointment.

    Football should make strides to be back in the PL hunt. While not enough experience to be considered a a favorite, there is plenty of talent that if executed properly, can well be in the mix in November.

    LAX is question mark for me. The preseason suspensions may have been not only a distraction, but impacted the chemistry. Hopefully, the ship can be righted and turned around yet. Coach is very good and seems to have recruited some prized players, but time will tell.

    Softball continues to be the juggernaut and with new stadium should really add more excitment. Perhaps the most successful team at LU over last 20 years.

    Women Bball also on the rise and even better next year. Lot of reasons for optimism for next year!

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