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    http://www.lehighsports.com/sports/mbba … class.aspx

    Conroy Baltimore (White Plains, N.Y.), 6-6 forward with a 7-2 wingspan

    Stefan Cvrkalj (Kitchener, Ontario), 6-4 guard

    and Corey Schaefer (Johnston, Iowa), 6-0 point guard



    While a 2 F / 1 G mix have been the preferred, I like what I read. Our play / development at the 4 and 5 this year bears close watching. We seem to have cornered the market on guards. The only problem we might face is how to keep them all happy. The question that needs to be answered is, "Who besides Gabe will step up and make a case for expanded minutes and lay claim to a starting role by the time PL play rolls around?" In the early going, you got to like the work of Adams (a more restrained Adams) and Greiner (a more spirited/animated Greiner) over Mineri and Hamilton with the jury still out (hasn’t ever begun to deliberate) on McCarthy. Safstrom doesn’t appear ready to handle a role bigger than the one he has always had. But, all this can change in a heartbeat. That’s the beauty of OOC play and the chance to watch the good Dr. Reed juggle his lineup in search of the winning combination.



    I’ll say it again one more time as I’ve done in other posts, this makes no sense. When you have a CJ, and a day 1 frosh starter at PG, plus a 2G frosh who is a plus athlete with a quick trigger, how do you get two more guards? How. We need bigs, we have no legit bigs, Gabe is great but on a great team Gabe is a 4, not a 5, and our biggest recruit is 6’6. The saddest thing is we have the guards to compete in March and win a game in NCAA tourney, but our frontcourt is so weak and small we’ll get killed on glass like we did against PSU. Now I know you all are saying, staff didn’t know what they had in Mackey and D’Orazio, and that is fair, BUT, in my little research of following their games as seniors, and watching videos and emailing local beat writers that followed their careers, I had already plugged Mackey into starting line-up.

    When you have a CJ talent, the goal has to be not just to win PL but to dominate, and to be a 12-13 seed and give yourself a cahnce to win a game in the tourney by upseting a 5/6 seed, and with lack of frontcourt depth/size, this is going to be much more difficult….which is tough to swallow.



    What do you guys think about upping the tempo, consistently, like a Nolan Richardson led arkansas team from back in the days, or a current Louisville or Siena from last few years with McCaffrey? Look at our roster, across all positions we have athletes, guys who can get up and down the court. No question about our guards, mackey, keefer, d’orazio, cj and small can all get up and down the court with speed. Ojo, Greiner and Hamilton are all quick and can run the floor, and Adams/Gabe can run really well for frontcourt players. We’re very quick, way more athletic then PL teams, so lets trap and press and up the tempo and sub in and out to wear teams out….

    Despite the 2G/1F recruits for next year, I trust Reed and Company despite my belief we needed 2 bigs and 1 G. I’m liking this team, my expectations are high and I think they’re going to be in serious contention again for PL title….love reed subbing and getting all these guys minutes in out of conference schedule, brilliant more to get guys experience and get a feel for what your PL rotation looks like…

    In Doc we trust!



    Up Tempo? A fan favorite and I like it! And, we’ve got the horses to run it this year – even more so than last year when Pomeroy ranked us 53rd in the nation and 2nd in the PL in terms of TEMPO.

    2009-10 Tempo (Ken Pomeroy)

    1st Navy 72.5 13th
    2nd Lehigh 70.2 53rd
    3rd Lafayette 68.2 125th
    4th Colgate 66.9 190th
    5th Holy Cross 66.2 222nd
    6th Bucknell 65.4 256th
    7th Army 64.2 289th
    8th American 64.2 289th



    "LUHoops00" wrote: What do you guys think about upping the tempo, consistently, like a Nolan Richardson led arkansas team from back in the days, or a current Louisville or Siena from last few years with McCaffrey?

    "Forty Minutes of Hell". I really, really like it.


    Hey Hoops, I understand your point, but I don’t think this is reason to get too upset. College basketball, and especially low to mid-major college basketball is extremely guard dominated. While a legit post presence, a la McNaughton at Bucknell makes an upset of a big time program much easier, it’s extremely hard to find those guys (ex. McNaughton was German and I think close to 25 when he graduated). If you are 6’10 + and skilled or athletic, it’s really hard to keep the bigger programs from swooping in. They are having the same discussion on the Bucknell board as we speak.

    We have CJ for this season, and then two more. Knutson will be around for that entire time, as will Grenier, who I think will develop into quite an offensive threat and hopefully a better rebounder as well. We still have yet to see a real glimpse at McCarthy, but let’s not write him off just yet. We also have Adams and Maneri for this season and next.

    As for Baltimore, while he may not be your traditional big man, I think he could really be an asset for us. He’s athletic and 6’6 with a 7’2 wingspan, and from everything I have dug up on him sounds like a tenacious rebounder, defender, and shot blocker. If we need to go big in the future and can go with a front line of Knutson-McCarthy-Baltimore or Knutson-Grenier-Baltimore, I think we should be able to rebound and defend with bigger teams.

    Not to mention CJ is a great rebounder for his position as well.

    And let us not forget, it would be a TREMENDOUS accomplishment to get a win in the NCAA tourney, but our year in and year out goal is to win the Patriot League tournament and make the NCAA’s, and it is terrific guard play that will get us there.

    Also, I’m with you 100% on upping the tempo, especially in PL play where we will be more athletic than the majority of our oppenents. I think a McKnight-D’Orazio-McCollum-Baltimore/Grenier-Knutson line-up could be pretty devasting in an aggressive defensive scheme.



    Stabler/LU – glad I started going on this site, as you guys are great and make some great points. It is not that I’m upset, it is just that our goal is to win PL each year and I get that. However, CJ is a once a couple decades type of talent at a LU, like a Steph Curry at Davidson whose team goals quickly changed in his last years there from enter tourney to make noise/do damage in March.

    I get guard play wins, I love guard play, and we have it, that is my point I guess. We got great guards, I love what I see from Mackey and D"Orazio and how they con compliment CJ for the next 3 years. I agree with you on Baltimore, 6’6 in height understates his game, as he is going to be much more like a 6’7 Z then a 6’5 Ojo, because he plays predominantly in the paint, and he will be able to rebound in traffic and control defensive boards in our league. Again, not do beat this point home, but I would have just loved to have had two forwards and one guard for next year, and as I ended last night by saying in Doc I trust, that is the truth. He is doing a great job, and I love the kids he is bringing into this program. Greiner and Adams, if one of them can develop over course of this year and into next fall, we’re in great shape. If McCarthy can get it going that would be great, but time will have to tell there.

    Bottom line – we have best guard play in PL locked up for next 3 years. I’m confident we’ll have enough to rebound/defend the post to get into tourney, but time will tell.

    LU – I’m not familiar with the Pomeroy Up Tempo data, can you send me a link, I’d love to learn about it.
    Glad you all agree that this team is so athletic and quick, we should press and trap all over the place, as we have the depth off the bench to sub in and keep the pressure up. Imagine pressing Bucknell at start of game with Mackey, CJ, Ojo, Adams, Gabe and at the 14 minute mark you throw in D’Orazio, Small, Greiner, Hamilton…just waves of bodies, names/numbers meaningless just the LU brown swarming all over the court….wearing out opponents knowing your deeper and better conditioned…..siena just did it with McCaffrey and it was effective…

    FYI – love reed playing so many guys early in Non-Conference schedule, getting guys experience and letting him and his staff learn about the roster and play with combinations….

    By the way, after posting last night, I watched about 25 minutes of Stefan stroking 3 ball in canada and in the pittsburgh aau tourney on YouTube, very pretty stroke and a nice sized kid at a real legit 6’4 body….might need to get a step or two quicker, but he should be able to contribute as he is from same league as bucknells bryson johnson….maybe we got a steal from up north!

    Ojo tonight?



    Nice to see some action on the Message Board. It’s been a long time coming.

    Ken Pomeroy may author the best site in college basketball. Hope you enjoy.

    Tempo defined……….


    Other definitions….Help with Pomeroy’s Team Page

    http://kenpom.com/blog/index.php/weblog … team_page/



    Anyone have definitive on Bailey? Reason I’m asking is that everyone can win if we free up the Bailey scholarship and get a big!



    In regards to Bigs, they are indeed hard to get. I know that Andoh at BU has a little brother, (thnner than him) whose father favors a good school. I am not sure if Dr. Reed is aware of him and Drew Gordon’s little brother is at Mitty and better than Drew. I am not sure if his parents look at a good school or a popular name school, like UCLA, which Drew left. The little sister of Drew is at Harvard. Drew’s little brother Aaron and Andoh’s brother David (not at Mitty) looked good last year and are projected to do well this year. Just some thoughts Dr. Reed.

    All this to say that Adams and Andoh came from a run and gun squad and excelled in that environment. Greiner seems hungry. He can score but the defense is not always there. Adams can play defense, was not a huge scorer in high school, averaged 8 points. He can do the little things, but all of the team, at least most, seem to make more mistakes after their first one. I take from this that they are worried about being pulled from the game.

    Lastly, Coach Reed does not seem to interact much with his players while on the court. My impression only.


    "LUHoops00" wrote: Anyone have definitive on Bailey? Reason I’m asking is that everyone can win if we free up the Bailey scholarship and get a big!

    With a concussion issue, I doubt there is anything definitive at this point. More likely not until late spring or summer (or later). To free up the scholarship for the spring, either a doctor would have to certify that the concussion problem is definitely career-ending or else Reed would have to simply non-renew his scholarship (which I doubt any PL coach other than Jeff Jones would do).



    Thanks Bison, I knew it was a concussion, I was referencing whether anyone knew with certainty that this was career ending and thus opening up a scholly? If he is back next year, makes the two g/one f combo for next years class look dumber.

    Bison – weren’t you guys in on Stefan for a while?


    "LUHoops00" wrote:
    Bison – weren’t you guys in on Stefan for a while?

    He showed up at one point as a player of interest, but there were no reports of BU having offered him a scholarship. One issue may have been that BU was looking more for a combo guard or a PG with that scholarship. (The first one had already gone early to a SF and the last one was clearly being reserved for a center or PF.)

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