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    With that first thread getting unweildy and a lot of movement on the recruiting front in the last couple of months I thought I would start a new 2013 recruiting thread.  Here is a list of our original targets now broken down by those committed to LU, offered by LU (some may no longer have offers), interest by LU (someof these guys likely of offers), and committed elsewhere.  Moving forward we can just work off the guys not committed elsewhere:

    Committed to LU:
    Tim Kempton Jr., 6’8 PF (AZ) committed to Lehigh; visit on 9/1

    Uncommitted w/ confirmed LU offer:
    Mark Alstork, 6’4 G (OH) OFFER
    Monty Boykins, 6’3 G (OH) OFFER
    Joseph Chealey, 6’3 G (FL) OFFER; bunch of other mid-major offers
    RJ Currington, 6’5 G (VA) OFFER; multiple high major offers
    Leo Edwards, 6’9 C (MI) OFFER, visit scheduled for September
    Nigel Hayes, 6’7 F (OH) OFFER; high major offers
    Wesley Iwundi, 6’7 F (TX) OFFER, high major offers
    Nigel Johnson, 5’11 PG (MD) OFFER; holds many PL and Ivy offers
    Michael Owona, 6’9 PF/C (MD) OFFER
    Austin Price, 6’3 G (MI) OFFER, official visit on 9/1
    Greg Senat, 6’8 PF (CT) OFFER, lots of NEC and PL offers
    Jeremy Senglin, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER, offers from TCU & Colorado State
    Isiah Taylor, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER, high major offers

    Uncommitted w/ LU interest:
    Marcus Allen 6’2 G (NV)
    Malcolm Allen 6’2 G (NV)
    Daniel Aronowitz, 6’4 G (OH)
    Mohamed Bah, 6’9 C (ME)
    Anders Broman, 6’3 G (MN)
    Ramir Burton, 6’1 G (NY)
    Alex Cooper, 6’0 PG (TX)
    Billy Daniels, 6’5 F (IA)
    Denzel Davis, 6’8 PF (FL)
    Deris Duncan, 6’4 G (IN)
    Nick Gorski, 6’7 F (VA)
    Markell Henderson, 6’5 G (OK)
    Tyrese Hoxter, 6’2 G (MA)
    Josh James, 6’1 G (NY)
    Brett Jolly, 6’10 C (TX)
    Keith Kirkwood, 6’5 F (NJ)
    Terrance LeFlore, 6’0 PG (AL)
    George Langberg, 6’4 G (NJ)
    Richie Lewis, 6’0 G (MI)
    Reggie Lynch, 6’9 C (MN)
    Jalen Norman, 6’6 G (MO)
    Montana Mayfield, 6’0 PG (PA)
    Dinero Mercurius, 6’4 SG (FL)
    Jevon Patton, 5’10 PG (NC)
    Colin Richey, 6’0 PG (MA)
    Angel Rivera, 6’0 G (OH)
    Bryan Rivers, 6’2 PG (NJ)
    Daquan Sampson, 6’7 F (MD/MA)
    Jordan Scott, 6’5 G (CO) high major offers
    Patrick Strake, 6’5 SF (TX)
    Devon Thomas, 5’10 PG (NH), at least 8 offers including many MAAC, NEC
    Yilret Yiljep, 6’8 PF (PA)
    Seth Youngblood, 6’1 G (OK

    Commited Elsewhere:
    John Azzinaro, 5’10 PG (TX) committed to Bucknell
    Doug Chappell Jr., 6’2 G (VA) committed to Fairfield
    Andrew Chrabascz, 6’6 F (MA) OFFER, committed to Butler; unofficial visit
    Sam Downey, 6’9 F (OH) committed to Yale
    Dallas Ennema, 6’7 F (IA) – committed to Albany
    Marcus Foster, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER, committed to Kansas State
    Kahlil Dukes, 5’11 G (CT) OFFER – committed to USC – in top 5 along with USC
    Leyton Hammonds, 6’6 F (TX) – committed to Oklahoma St
    Darian Harris, 6’6 F (AR) OFFER – committed to Creighton
    Jakob Hartsock – commited to BYU
    Nathan Hawkins, 6’5 F (TX) OFFER, committed to Nebraska
    Tucker Haymond, 6’6 F (WA) committed to Western Mich
    Jordan Hill, 6’3 G (NH) OFFER; committed to Wisconsin
    Matt Husek, 6’10 C (PA) committed to Holy Cross
    Kevin Johnson, 6’2 G (OH) OFFER – committed to Cincinnati
    Josh Kozinski, 6’3 G (MI) – committed to Central Michigan
    Greg Noack, 6’6 F (PA) committed to Monmouth
    DJ MacLeay, 6’6 F (TX) OFFER committed to Bucknell; top 4 w/ AU, Buck, Penn
    Isaac McGlone, 6’1 G (OH) committed to Eastern Kentucky
    Peter Miller, 6’10 C (MA) committed to Princeton
    Julian Moore, 6’9 F/C (PA) – committed to Penn State
    Jeremy Morgan, 6’6 F (IA) committed to UNI
    Ben Oberfeld, 6’9 PF (MN) commited to Bucknell
    Ty Outlaw, 6’6 SF (NC) OFFER, official visit on 9/1, committed to UNC-G
    Dustin Thomas, 6’8 F (TX) OFFER, committed to Colorado
    Spencer Weisz, 6’5 G (NJ) – committed to Princeton
    Luke Worthington, 6’8 F (WI) OFFER; committed to BYU; not included in top 5



    Thanks SBum, senglin has commited weber state, cross another one off.



    Thanks SBum, senglin has commited weber state, cross another one off.


    I am guessing we will know by the end of the weekend but iam really interested in who is vsiting along withEdwards this weekend.


    New (or newly reported) offer for Hunter Myers a 6’7 SF/PF out of Nevada.  Looks like a stretch as he has offers from Cal, Harvard, BC amongst others but he does say that academics will play a large role in his choice.  More importantly he wants to major in engineering and the quality of a school’s engineering program will factor in as well.




    Come on guys. Lehigh is a great academic school. They should think of their future. Basketball is only for a time, most people do not go to the pros. Big time programs are good for those thinking pro ball. The PL has some very strong teams. LU knocked off Duke and BU beat Kansas. That should count for something.



    Couple interesting price notes: 1. Lists lehigh, yale, and iowa as his schools he is deciding between. 2. he was at yale this past weekend and heads to iowa next weekend. 3. this is really interesting as it relates to iowa offer. the weekend price was at LU his The Family combo guard teammate ec matthews was visiting at iowa. Apparently the kid flew home on sunday and fran was there to do an in home. Many believe ec is fran’s priority. The interesting part to all of this is that price and matthews have to be friendly so wonder what they tell each other about what and how fran isrecruiting them. Even more interesting is matthews is edwards teammate at romulus high.

    Speaking of Edwards, did anyone see him or any other recruits on campus?



    Thanks Hoops.  That is all very complex indeed.  Additionally, Matthews and Price essentially play the same spot, so is Iowa only willing to take one of them?  Or would they be happy with both?  It sounds like the chips could fall quickly after Price’s visit to Iowa next weekend.  Will be very interesting to see how everything shakes out.

    Anders Broman committed to South Dakota State and Yilret Yiljep committed to AU, both guys we had targeted at one time. 

    Also, I hope we can get Senat on campus soon if he hasn’t been already.


    There were lots of recruits at game on Sat. Mostly Fball but I did not search for others. Just saw a bunch with HS jackets.



    That is the interesting piece to this Sbum, Fran according to Iowa boards only has one spot left so these two aau teammates are essentially competing for one spot. Matthews higher rated and hs offers from all BCS schools so it seems that he is Fran’s priority over Price. Where this gets interesting is if Matthews has more officials to do and doesn’t  commit right away to Iowa, does Fran wait it out or just pull trigger on Price. If he waits on Matthews will Price wait? Talk about a highspeed game oof chase man, guess in perfect world Matthews commits to Iowa this week ad Price commits to LU.

    Where this all intersects is that Price and Matthews obviously know each other, whether they are tight like Price is with Edwards who knows, but Edwards is Matthews aau and hschool teammate so you got to think this has come up in conversation one way or another.





    Wesley Iwundu to Kansas State.  Not a surprise.


    Lehigh in final six for Hunter Myers according to this article


    He would be a serious pick up but there is a lot of competition with those other 5 schools.



    Tweet from KUA coach that LU was at their open gym the other night, presumably to check-in on and show some love to Devon Thomas, you got to think JC is selling this reunited at LU concept hard, but still no word on if or when an official visit would take place.



    Allen twins gave verbals to stanford, yes, stanford loves twins on their mens hoops team, see collins and lopez twins as examples.



    E.C. Matthews commits to Rhode Island.



    That is a big get for the Hurley’s, who are rolling  down at URI. I thought Matthews had BCS conference written all over him.

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