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    Wow. Heck of an inside guy. Also My daughter thinks he’s altogether yummy.



    Nice write-up from Peach Jam – http://www.nbebasketball.com/w3/2012-0721/2012-peach-jam-report-day-iii-part-a/

    Excerpt from article below, pretty similar to what I saw on the videos I posted, nice write-up. Bison137- with you locking up oberfield, are you out on Worthington? Also, have you done much work on Luke, any thoughts?


    Luke Worthington (Wisconsin Playground Elite 2013) – A 6’9” below the rim big man, Worthington was bigger and far more agile than reports had led me to believe. He has a very high basketball IQ for a big man showing a great understanding of how to pin defenders on his back and seal them for easy buckets. I also loved how Worthington didn’t try things that weren’t part of his skill set but rather stuck to doing the dirty work in the paint.



    Luke Worthington (Wisconsin Playground 2013) – It’s no surprise that the high IQ player is also a stud in the classroom and has the nation’s top academic schools after him. While he’s keeping specifics mostly quiet, Worthington stated the most of the Ivy League along with Stanford are those involved. A player of his talent could be a steal at the IVY level for a school that can sell their prestigious academics and then reap the benefits on the court.


    Totally agree, Hoops.  Worthington would be an absolute stud in the PL and the kind of guy that a program can build 4 years of success around a la Muscala.  It’s funny that Lehigh has been mentioned as a leader for him in some write ups, and not mentioned at all in others.  Obviously, if Stanford and other academically oriented majors like Vandy or Northwestern offer it might be hard to keep him.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Other big men that are really intriguing include Michael Owona, he seems like a really defensive anchor, Peter Miller who is coveted by what seems like the entire PL/IVY and HC is absolutely desperate for, and Leo Edwards.

    Nigel Hayes is also a terrific prospect who we have offered, but I’m not sure if we are actually in the picture there as he seems destined for a high major future.


    Marcus Allen 6’2 G (NV)
    Malcolm Allen 6’2 G (NV)
    Mark Alstork, 6’4 G (OH) OFFER
    Daniel Aronowitz, 6’4 G (OH)
    John Azzinaro, 5’10 PG (TX) committed to Bucknell
    Mohamed Bah, 6’9 C (ME)
    Monty Boykins, 6’3 G (OH) OFFER
    Anders Broman, 6’3 G (MN)
    Ramir Burton, 6’1 G (NY)
    Doug Chappell Jr., 6’2 G (VA) committed to Fairfield
    Joseph Chealey, 6’3 G (FL) OFFER; bunch of other mid-major offers
    Alex Cooper, 6’0 PG (TX)
    Andrew Chrabascz, 6’6 F (MA) OFFER, committed to Butler; unofficial visit
    RJ Currington, 6’5 G (VA) OFFER; multiple high major offers
    Billy Daniels, 6’5 F (IA)
    Denzel Davis, 6’8 PF (FL)
    Sam Downey, 6’9 F (OH) committed to Yale
    Deris Duncan, 6’4 G (IN)
    Kahlil Dukes, 5’11 G (CT) OFFER – committed to USC – in top 5 along with USC
    Leo Edwards, 6’9 C (MI) OFFER
    Dallas Ennema, 6’7 F (IA)
    Marcus Foster, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER, currently in top 7 along with high-majors
    Nick Gorski, 6’7 F (VA)
    Leyton Hammonds, 6’6 F (TX) – committed to Oklahoma St, high major offers
    Darian Harris, 6’6 F (AR) OFFER – committed to Creighton
    Jakob Hartsock – commited to BYU
    Nathan Hawkins, 6’5 F (TX) OFFER
    Tucker Haymond, 6’6 F (WA)
    Nigel Hayes, 6’7 F (OH) OFFER; high major offers
    Markell Henderson, 6’5 G (OK)
    Matt Howard, 6’4 G (NC) OFFER
    Jordan Hill, 6’3 G (NH) OFFER; committed to Wisconsin
    Tyrese Hoxter, 6’2 G (MA)
    Matt Husek, 6’10 C (PA) committed to Holy Cross
    Wesley Iwundi, 6’7 F (TX) OFFER
    Josh James, 6’1 G (NY)
    Kevin Johnson, 6’2 G (OH) OFFER – committed to Cincinnati
    Nigel Johnson, 5’11 PG (MD) OFFER; holds many PL and Ivy offers
    Brett Jolly, 6’10 C (TX)
    Keith Kirkwood, 6’5 F (NJ)
    Josh Kozinski, 6’3 G (MI) – committed to Central Michigan
    Terrance LeFlore, 6’0 PG (AL)
    George Langberg, 6’4 G (NJ)
    Richie Lewis, 6’0 G (MI)
    Reggie Lynch, 6’9 C (MN)
    Greg Noack, 6’6 F (PA)
    DJ MacLeay, 6’6 F (TX) OFFER; top 4 w/ AU, Buck, Penn
    Montana Mayfield, 6’0 PG (PA)
    Isaac McGlone, 6’1 G (OH) committed to Eastern Kentucky
    Dinero Mercurius, 6’4 SG (FL)
    Peter Miller, 6’10 C (MA) committed to Princeton
    Julian Moore, 6’9 F/C (PA) – committed to Penn State
    Jeremy Morgan, 6’6 F (IA) committed to UNI
    Ben Oberfeld, 6’9 PF (MN) commited to Bucknell
    Ty Outlaw, 6’6 SF (NC) OFFER
    Michael Owona, 6’9 PF/C (MD) OFFER
    Jevon Patton, 5’10 PG (NC)
    Austin Price, 6’3 G (MI) OFFER
    Colin Richey, 6’0 PG (MA)
    Angel Rivera, 6’0 G (OH)
    Bryan Rivers, 6’2 PG (NJ)
    Daquan Sampson, 6’7 F (MD/MA)
    Jordan Scott, 6’5 G (CO) high major offers
    Greg Senat, 6’8 PF (CT) OFFER
    Jeremy Senglin, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER
    Patrick Strake, 6’5 SF (TX)
    Isiah Taylor, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER
    Devon Thomas, 5’10 PG (NH)
    Dustin Thomas, 6’8 F (TX) OFFER
    Spencer Weisz, 6’5 G (NJ)
    Luke Worthington, 6’8 F (WI) OFFER; not included in top 5
    Yilret Yiljep, 6’8 PF (PA)
    Seth Youngblood, 6’1 G (OK)

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    Let me add yet another person of interest.

    AT 6-9, SKILLED AND A 34 ACT, Lake Forest’s Sam Downey is sure to grab attention with those three characteristics alone. But Downey has come a long way in his development as he plays out the summer with Fundamental U. He had some very strong moments at the King James event in Waukegan, showcasing good hands, a soft touch and being a solid passing big man. He still has a ways to go but has a lot to work with. Yale, Northern Illinois and Keneshaw State are on board, with a whole bunch of high-academic schools — Cornell, Columbia, Lehigh, Colgate and Brown — increasing their interest.



    I don’t know guys, Worthington didn’t really overly impress me in those videos.  He is a plodder, with limited quickness, foot speed and leaping ability.  He has to shoot all of those falling away hooks, because he can’t face up, or go by anybody.  I think he may struggle to get his shot off a bit especially against bigger players.  He looks like a worker for sure.  But, if we want to get up and down the court, not sure how he fits in with an uptempo pace.  He shows nothing in the videos other than tip ins over smaller players, and hooks.  I guess I am hoping for a more athletic big.  When a write up says a 6’9″ player who plays below the rim, that is a bit of a red flag, in my opinion.    Stretch to mention him and Muscala together as MM has a very good perimeter game and is much longer.


    Agree that Worthington is not the most athletic, and I just want to note that I was not trying to say Worthington was similar to Muscala in any way except that Worthington has the potential to be a foundation big man that a program can plug into the 5 spot for multiple years and compete in the PL.  Their bodies/games/skill sets are nothing alike. 

    Few other nothes on Worthington.  Anytime a guy has 20+ scholarship offers, it gives me a lot more faith in their potential, although its true that sometimes everyone misses.  Also, those clips are him competing in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League which is the best of the best of summer teams.  So he is competiting against essentially all D-1 talent in those videos including lots of high major talent and holding his own.  Also, as he gets older he will fill out and get stronger which will help him as ’90 notes he is not a high flyer.

    Lastly, Worthington is Mormon as is Stanford assistant and former standout Mark Madsen.  Worthington says Stanford’s interest in him has picked up significantly, and it sounds as though he would jump at a Stanford offer if you read between the lines.  Lehigh isnt mentioned at all in his latest Rivals update which includes this quote on Stanford and his recruiting:

    “They were saying to my dad that they were only recruiting really a couple of big guys seriously,” Worthington said. “So hopefully I have a good summer that they would go forward and probably offer me which is very cool. But I’d say I have a significant interest in them. They’re on par in a lot of other aspects and even better in some aspects than schools who have offered in Penn and Princeton and Davison. They’re all good schools with nice facilities and respected basketball programs.”

    He is also undecided on if he will take a two year mormon mission during his college career.



    90 – think sbum reply was very solid. For our program, all our bigs seem to be tweener and light in the pants with no real post-up game minus gabe. This kid is listed anywhere between 6’8 and 6’9 and 230-240 lbs. He would play his first college game in about 16 months and one would think he would be every bit of 240 at the smallest by then, with areal projectable body type that I could see him getting up to a carved 255 by time he done with our weight program. He would be a fort down low with that body, and he hs nice moves around the rim. I would love if he were 7 feet tall, but compared to the apparent bigs we hve been bringing in, would be super pumped. He provides legit post up presence from day one, and would be great replacement for gabe. I actually think he moves pretty well and showed some nice hands in transistion, he will be fine keeping up with our style of play.

    Sbum – I think stanford is outside shot,but they worry me for sure, but the one team that worries me the most is davidson. They have great academics, good mid major program, great coach, and have offered already. They worry me, but who knows what the value of that duke win brings.






    This is getting more and more a longshot by what seems like the  minute. Worthington picked up offers today from byu, tulane, and gw.By my count, that is 28 offers, and if I had to guess, the bigger schools have been the ones offering him of late, so per article posted his recent play has sparked some big interest….



    Leyton Hammonds is also gone committing to Oklahoma State.

    Leyton Hammonds (North Richland Hills, Texas/Richland) verbally committed to the Cowboys on Sunday, according to ESPN RecruitingNation’s Damon Sayles. At 6-foot-8 and 200 pounds, Hammonds is expected to play the small forward spot, but he has the perimeter jumper of a shooting guard and can defend as many as three positions effectively.



    Dukes is gone as he committed to USC.



    Now we cannot let Duke have em can we? Let the games begin. Actually the Olympic games are dominating at the moment. Looking forward to the season.


    Few updates:

    John Azzinaro to Bucknell – looks like a good pick up for the Bison

    Peter Miller to Princeton – I’m sure this will send the HC board into a tizzy

    And a new name in Brett Jolly – http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/recruiting/player-Brett-Jolly-125781

    Names are starting to really come off the board as July comes to an end.  It’d be nice to see someone pop for us soon.


    More recruiting updates:

    Looks like LU offered PG Joseph Chealey of Florida. This could be a response to Dukes and Azzinaro, two of our other PG targets committing to other schools this week. Kline’s tweet:

    Alex Kline@TheRecruitScoop

    The recruitment of 2013 D12 Warriors PG Joseph Chealey is expanding. New offers from Yale, Lehigh, ECU, Georgia St & College of Charleston.

    And from the Bucknell board is this tweet regarding DJ MacLeay

    Josh Paunil@JoshPaunilNRS

    2013 PF DJ MacLeay has a top four of American, Bucknell, Lehigh & Penn (in no order). Will cut his list to five by the middle of next week.

    Also, it appears we ended up in the top 4 for Peter Miller, whatever that is worth.

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