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    An updated list of names. An interesting tidbit about Gehring who was mentioned earlier is that he is from Gabe’s high school. Maybe that helps us…

    Bobby Ahearn, 6’6 PF, MA, unofficial visit in August of 2012, committed to Binghampton
    Peyton Aldridge, 6’7 F, OH – OFFER
    Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rakhman, 6’4 G, PA – OFFER
    Jake Allsmiller, 6’5 G, TN, high major offers
    Eric Anderson, 6’6 F, PA OFFER
    Nick Babb, 6’4 G, TX – OFFER
    Ryan Badowski, 6’3 G, OH
    Geoff Beans, 6’7 F, OH
    Shemar Bennet, 6’0 G, IL – OFFER, visit June 2013
    Henry Bolton, 6’1 G, RI
    Alec Brennan, 6’8 F, MA, high major offers
    Ngor Barnaba, 6’9 F, MN
    Braxton Bonds, 6’1 G, TN
    Seth Bonifas, 6’9 C, IA
    Jermaine Brown, 6’7 F, OH
    Chase Carlton, 6’1 G, TX
    Robert Cartwright, 6’2 G, CA – OFFER, high major offers
    Malik Clements, 6’0 PG, WI
    Brett Cannon, 6’1 G, TX, unofficial visit to Lehigh in March
    Jevon Carter, 6’2 G, IL – OFFER
    Ty Charles, 6’4 G, TX – OFFER
    Sean Clarey, 6’3 G, WI, unofficial visit to Lehigh in August 2012
    David Crisp, 5’11 G, WA
    Christen “Chris” Cunningham, 5’11 G, KY
    Clayton Custer, 6’0 G, KS, high major offers
    Mike Daum
    C.J. Davis, 6’0 G, NY, OFFER, Lehigh in final 7
    D.J. Davis, 6’3 G, MN
    Dejon Davis, 6’2 G, MN
    Gabe Devoe, 6’3 G, NC – OFFER
    Brady Ellingson, 6’3 G, WI
    Vincent Eze, 6’8 F, PA
    Perry Fairrow, 6’1 G, IN
    Shea Feehan, 6’0 G ,IL
    Kedrick Flomo, 6’0 PG, NC
    Paul Friendshuh, 6’9 F, MN
    Nate Gehring, 6’10 C, IA (from Gabe Knutson’s high school)
    Chaz Glotta, 6’1 G, CO
    Kyle Haber, 6’7 G, IA, visit in June ‘13
    Omega Harris, 6’2 G, OK, high major offers
    Byron Hawkins, 6’1 G, VT (could be 2015)
    Lindsey Hunter IV, 6’0 G, MI
    Tramaine Isabell, 6’1 G, WA
    Eric James, 6’4 G, OH
    Tyler Jenkins, 6’1 G, IN – OFFER
    Nick King, 6’6 F, IN
    Jafar Kinsey, 6’1 G, NY
    Riley LaChance, 6’1 G, WI
    George Langberg, 6’5 G, NJ
    Mike LeBlanc, 6’6 F, NH
    Tyler Lydon, 6’8 F NY
    Tyler Jenkins, 6’1 G IA, unofficial visit on 7/31/13
    Jacob Johnson, 6’6 F, IN
    Torry Johnson, 6’2 G, IL – OFFER
    J.P. Macura, 6’4 G, MN
    Nate Mason, 5’11 G, GA – OFFER, unofficial visit 6/29/13
    Jason Massey, 6’3 G, FL
    Bryan McIntosh, 6’4 G, IN – committed to Indiana State
    Quincy McKnight, 6’3 G, CT
    Carson Meier, 6’7 F, OK
    Roderick Mills, 6’6 F, OH, unofficial visit in June ‘13
    Sammy Mojica, 6’4 G,
    Cheddi Mosely, 6’1 G, NJ, unofficial visit on 6/26/13
    Daniel Norl, 6’2 G, TN
    Sean O’Mara, 6’9 C, IL – OFFER, numerous high major offers, unofficial visit
    Anthony Pate, 6’3 G, Canada – OFFER
    Taylor Persons, 6’0 PG, IN
    Keith Pinkney, 6’1 G, GA – OFFER
    C.J. Rivers, 6’1 G, IL
    Kendall Rollins, 6’6 F, IN
    Kahron Ross, 5’10 PG, AR – OFFER
    Casey Schlatter, 6’9 F, IA – committed to Drake
    Jerome Segura, 5’10 PG, TX – OFFER, Mackey’s high school?
    Sean Sellers, 6’5 F, IN
    Jordan Shea, 6’5 G, WI
    Keenan Simmons, 6’5 F MI
    Gavin Skelly, 6’8 C, OH – committed to Northwestern
    Jeff Spellman, 6’1 G, MA
    Delshon Strickland, 6’4 G, MN – OFFER, also offer from Hampton
    B.J. Taylor, 6’1 G, FL – OFFER
    Lance Tejada, 6’1 G, FL – OFFER, also high major offers
    Jalen Terry, 6’6 F, CT
    Travin Thibodeaux, 6’8 F, LA
    Reid Travis, 6’7 F, MN – OFFER, numerous high major offers
    Gabriel Vincent, 6’2 G, CA – OFFER
    Cam Ward, 6’2 G, WI
    Shemar Waugh, 5’9 G, OH
    Tyler Williams, 6’2 G, OH, unofficial visit June ‘13, committed to Brown
    Wyatt Vorhees, 6’0 G, KN – OFFER
    Nylan Yancy, 6’2 G, TX



    Well if we has two spots we are down to one – Tyler Jenkins just committed! Wonder if he was number one priority, had to be close, must watch ton of film tonight now!



    Probably one of earliest signings we have gotten, early August. Hope staff is happy! Now get another big.



    I’m sure having CJ on campus and working out helped him make a decision haha lottery!



    Also a good sign we were going head to head versus Boston u and got Jenkins


    Really like this pickup and agree 100% that having the 10th pick in the draft working out on campus helps!!


    Excellent recruiting by CJ. My guess is we will have the quickest Backcourt in PL and competitive elsewhere. Agree now a big



    He even tweeted that it was cool runnin with CJ and Holden!
    Wish we had a big on an u official today! Pretty amazing e commits on an unofficial visit.
    Got to get big now man!



    Watching video and he is quick, got some wiggle to his game, seems to get in paint well.



    FYI just tweeted this but Midwest pipeline continues!
    Wonder if Ott identified him originally? Good bet he did.


    Meant to post this a couple of days ago we have a frosh WO also coming in. Got from twitter so far just know he is a shooter, prob a SG, named Ralph. Digging over weekend to get info.



    I also forgot to mention I heard Tyrone Staggers left the team, so I bet this guy is his replacement. Rich, can you post his twitter handle/name if you find it?



    I’m happy with this get. Liked what I saw in the video, “slasher”, in my book. The early commit is a great sign too, I think. Recruiting momentum.
    If CJ really did play a role in this, he just continues to blow me away. So much going on, but helping with recruiting? Off-the-charts class act.
    I gather the frosh are on campus, hooping a bit at least. What I wouldn’t give to get a little inside preview of how they look on the court. We need an insider!



    Anyone find any rankings or anything on Jenkins? not a ton out there on him, wish there was more to read.


    lol actually tracking him thru endless reams of gibberish HS tweets

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