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    Answering the Bucknell questions above:

    1. Bucknell has extended 25 offers by my count – including a few to players who have committed elsewhere. I am sure some of them are now off the table, however, due to #2 below.

    2. BU had three scholarships available (replacing Kaspar, Starkey, and Singleton), but two offers were accepted in the past week.



    Scratch Lowe; committed to Temple:

    Trey Lowe



    We did not make travis fuller top 6, cross him off the list.



    Weisner Perez announced four of his five official visits and all four are Ivies: Cornell Harvard brown and Princeton.



    Bronson kessinger final four schools are ball state, Indiana state, Toledo and western Kentucky. Scratch him off our list



    I think pointer and hibbits are top two priorities, love both guys, hope we get officials from both.



    You’re just full of good news today :-)



    Thanks TMH, haha, just trying to keep up with all this recruiting news. Waiting for a few official visits to get set!!!

    SBum – would love to see a fully updated list from ya big guy!!!



    Ok, I’ll add to your list trimming

    KiShawn Pritchett commits to Davidson
    Torry Johnson to Northern Arizona

    Is anybody keeping score at home?


    Kinda familiar to me. Logically ,you know you cant get all of them,yet each one that goes elsewhere still bothers me.Better to know than not. Thanks Hoops. One thing really great about TMH updates is they’re always good news :)



    Thanks TMH.

    SBum crushed recruiting game. Would not be surprised if he gives us a detailed update this weekend.



    tap, tap, tap…

    Looked back, and I believe it was around this time last year that we got our first commit. I really want to see a forward commit for 2015, and I’m getting nervous. Seems like a lot of names are going away, and our PL rivals already have some commits. Talk me down! ;-)

    Thanks for the news on the priority guys, Hoops00. Do we believe that “priority” indicates optimism about getting them? Or does that only mean that they’re the ones we’d really like to get?


    I was vacationing off the grid for a couple weeks but here are some updates as well as my list:

    – Marquise Pointer recently picked up an offer from Wichita State, and it sounds like more may be coming from Clemson and Ole Miss. He seemed quite high on Lehigh as recently as a few months ago, so hopefully that status has not changed. Still have some hope, but keeping my expectations in check. Pointer has not taken or scheduled any visits yet to my knowledge.

    – Nate Navigato will take on official visit to Lehigh on 9/27, with Lehigh being his second official after Toledo.

    – Matt Holba has a visit scheduled for Sept 6/7

    – 6’10 Justin Greason is planning on visiting Lehigh this fall, no word on if it is an official or not (my guess is unofficial). Just this past week he received his first offers from a pair of D2 schools.

    I would add Holba and Navigato to the priority list based on their official visits. Generally, the earlier the visit the more priority both the school and the player are placing in each other, since at this point offers are going off the table as various players are committing and schools are working through their list of options and contingency plans.

    Below is my updated list, feel free to point out any mistakes. A strikethrough indicates a player has verbally committed elsewhere, if a player just removed Lehigh from his list, I did not cross them out but added a short note. Bolded players are those who have confirmed or are expected to take official visits to Lehigh. Unofficial visits (or unknown if official or unofficial) are not bolded.

    Ogugua Anunoby, 6’7 F, MO
    Sacar Amin, 6’4 G, MN – OFFER
    Carter Asche, 6’8 F, MN
    Destin Barnes, 6’5 G, IL
    Michael Benkert, 6’4 G, IN – OFFER, committed to Belmont
    Jermaine Bishop, 6’1 G, NY
    Kerry Blackshear, 6’8 F, FL – OFFER
    Romeo Bouie, 6’4 G, WI
    Levi Bradley, 6’5 F, MN
    Noah Bramlage, 6’7 F, OH
    Nick Brooks G/SF, NJ, unofficial visit in November ‘13
    Bjorn Broman, 5’10 G, MN
    Karl Charles, 6’3 G, NJ
    Jordan Coblin, 6’1 G, FL
    Roman Davis, 6’6 F, CA
    Rob DePersia, 6’1 G, NJ – visit in summer of ‘13
    Andrew Dotson, 6’2 G, TX – OFFER
    Seth Dugan, 6’11 C, WI – OFFER
    Sam Dunkum, 6’11 C, AR
    Brady Ernst, 6’8 F, IA – OFFER
    Tanner Eubank. 6’3 G, MI
    Corey Evans, 6’2 G, Canda
    Marcus Evans, 6’2 G, VA – committed to Rice
    Sajon Ford, 6’11 F, FL – OFFER
    Travis Fuller, 6’8 F, CA – OFFER, Lehigh not in top 6
    Chandler Fuzak, 6’9 F,
    Cole Gentry, 5’10 G, IL
    Justin Greason, 6’9 F, MI – D2 offers, will visit Lehigh in summer ‘14
    Tyler Hagedorn, 6’8 F, NE – OFFER
    Spencer Halderman, 6’1 G, IA, committed to Northern Iowa
    Malek Harwell, 6’5 G, ID – OFFER, HM offers
    Devin Haygood, 6’6 F, MI
    Byron Hawkins, 6’1 G, VT
    Matt Heldt, 6’9 F, WI – OFFER, committed to Marquette
    Temar Robinson-Hermelijn, 6’4 G, Canada
    Brent Hibbits, 6’6 F, MI – OFFER, Lehigh will be first official visit this fall
    Matt Holba, 6’6 F, IN – OFFER, official visit schedule for 9/6/14
    Jake Holtzmann, 6’5 G, CO – OFFER, unofficial scheduled for June ‘14, committed to Denver
    Hayden Howell, 6’7 F, OK
    Skyler Hunter, 6’6 F, KY, unofficial visit March ‘14
    Tramaine Isabell, 6’1 G, WA – Committed to Washington State
    Connor Jack, 6’7 F, PA
    Michael Jacobson, 6’8 F, IA (Gabe Knutsen’s high school, also recruited another kid there from last year who ended up at Pepperdine) – committed to Nebraska
    Tyler Jackson, 7’2 C, IL
    Corey Johnson, 6’3 G, CA – OFFER
    Torry Johnson, 6’4 G, IL – OFFER, committed to Northern Arizona
    Anthony Jones, 6’4 G, OH
    Ben Judson, 6’5 G, MA
    Khy Kabellis, 6’3 G, CA
    Bronson Kessinger, 6’6 F, IN – OFFER, Lehigh not in top 4
    Jordan Kite, 6’3 G, TX
    Colby Koontz, 6’10 F, OK – OFFER
    David Krmpotich 6’6 F NJ
    David Labossiere, 6’3 G
    Jack Leib, 6’8 F, MI
    Kyle Leufroy, 6’2 G, CA – OFFER
    Jake Lindsey, 6’5 G, UT
    Levi Londone, 6’7 F, Canada
    Trey Lowe, 6’5 G, NJ – OFFER, removed Lehigh from consideration, committed to Temple
    Tyler Lydon, 6’8 F NY
    Fletcher Magee, 6’4 G, FL
    Mark Matthews, 6’6 G, FL – OFFER
    Nick McGlynn, 6’8 F, WI – unofficial visit March ‘14 – committed to Drake
    Matt McQuaid, 6’5 G, TX – OFFER
    Matthew Merrick, 6’4 G, TX
    Sam Miller, 6’7 F, DC – OFFER, committed to Dayton
    Ryan Mikesell, 6’5 F, OH
    Nate Navigato, 6’7 F, IL – OFFER, official visit scheduled for 9/27/14
    Sam Nuemann, 6’6 F, MN
    Emmanuel Nzekwesi, 6’7 F, Netherlands
    Johnathan Nwankwo, 6’8 F, NY – OFFER
    Alex Olesinsky, 6’8 F, NM – OFFER
    Eli Pepper, 6’8 F, KY
    Weisner Perez, 6’6 F, IL – OFFER
    Trey Phills, 6’2 G, NC
    Marquis Pointer, 6’1 G, AR – OFFER
    Kishawn Pritchett, 6’5 F, NC – OFFER, committed to Davidson
    Brevin Pritzl, 6’3 G, WI – OFFER – committed to Wisconsin

    Matt Rafferty, 6’8 F, IL
    JaDon Robinson, 5’10 G, NJ – unofficial visit in August ‘13
    Justin Robinson, 6’1 G, MD
    Jeron Rogers, 6’7 F, MI
    Nick Rogers, 6’1 G, IN
    Sam Saxton, 6’3 G/F, PA, unofficial visit in November
    Jay Schon, 6’7 F, IA
    Hunter Seacat, 6’8 F, NC – OFFER
    Caleb Sedore, 6’9 F, NY – OFFER
    Samir Sehic, 6’7 F, TX – OFFER, HM offers
    Josh Sharma, 7’0 F, MA – OFFER, HM offers
    Peter Shortino, 6’0 G, TX
    Ethan Stair, 6’5 G, AL – OFFER
    Myles Stephens, 6’4 G, NJ, unofficial visit on 11/30/13 – committed to Princeton
    Isaiah Still, G, NJ – unofficial visit in August ‘13, OFFER
    Keith Stone, 6’7 F, FL
    LaMonta Stone II, 5’7 G, IN
    Trevor Stumpe, 6’5 G, IL
    Siyao Sun, 6’10 F, China (Washington D.C. prep school)
    Danian Swope, 6’1 G, KS – OFFER
    Garrett Thibodeaux, 6’7 F, TX
    Paul Thomas, 6’8 F, TX – OFFER
    Moses Toriola, 6’10 C, MA – OFFER, HM offers
    Mike Travlos, 6’3 G, IL
    Ahmad Wagner, 6’7 F, OH
    Wyatt Walker, 6’9 C, FL – OFFER
    Xeyrius Williams, 6’7 F, OH – OFFER – committed to Dayton
    Courtney “CJ” Williamson, 6’7 F, FL, HM offers
    John Witkowski, 6’4 G, NH



    FYI only: Sam Dunkum received an offer from the ‘pards.



    Thanks for your hard work StablerBum. This is where it gets interesting.

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