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    Thanks for the information. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t wait for the upcoming scrimmages and the season opener. All of these previews, preseason articles and other chatter is getting mundane. Life without CJ? (Holden, and Gabe huge loses as well) how will LU adjust. No one can question that CJ’s class changed the face of Lehigh and CJ himself is an unbelievable talent and tremendous human being. However, I am starved for concrete information on this team and excited to see who gets it done. Is it just me or are we not continuing to say the same thing over and over just in different ways?

    Can LU survive without CJ?
    Can MM step up?
    Is JC as good as everyone thinks?
    etc, etc……

    Over and over the same questions, can’t wait for the real product or at least some new stories.



    Re: Lafayette

    I have a hard time picking them this high. Tony Johnson may be a bigger loss to that team than either CJ McCollum or Mike Muscala to Lehigh and Bucknell. The ball was in that kid’s hands 90% of every game.

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