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    As fans, we can all be pretty critical of the coaching or outcomes. That’s what fans do, I suppose. They are passionate about their teams.
    If however, we are really honest with ourselves we need to understand that Lehigh competes on the Division 1 level in all sports accept for the FCS breakout in football. The vast majority of schools in Division 1 are much bigger than Lehigh. Their athletic budget is much larger and their academic requirements much more lenient which is why I want to bring up the following. It is nearly impossible to lure the very best athlete to Lehigh in most sports yet in 2017…

    Darian Cruz won the NCAA Championship at 125
    Scott Parker was an All-American at 133 (8th place)
    Courtney Avery was 1st Team All American in the High Jump
    Lucas Warning was 2nd Team All American in the Shot Put
    Mark Forrest was 3rd Team All American in Soccer

    in the FCS
    Dom Bragalone was a unanimous 1st Team All American in Football
    Troy Pelletier and Brad Mayes were 3rd Team AA in several polls.

    IMHO, this takes coaches that can make these players better than anyone ever thought in High School.



    Impressive stuff. Thanks for the reality check.

    Not sure I’ve heard anyone on the football board criticize the offensive coaches, except occasionally for play calling.

    Clearly, this was one of the best offensive seasons — if not the best — Lehigh has ever had.

    On defense, though, it was one of the worst — based on national stats.

    The biggest criticism I’ve heard of the head coach is his failure to install a quality D that would enable his team — with an amazing O — to at least have a winning record.

    That said, the D coaches may be doing things not seen on the field, such as coaching these young men to be great citizens, family men and co-workers.

    As fans, we look at wins and losses, not some of the more human (and most important) factors.

    I don’t know much about the other sports, but I know Pat Santoro is a winner and LU is lucky to have him.

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