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    what are the bashers going to say tonight??? fire the bus driver!!! coaches made great halftime adjustments and shut down penn. nice win…bot up for dc coach of the year. just joking. giving you guys something to bash. lol



    Still plenty of room on the bus



    I saw Shaf fake a scramble, and then throw downfield, at least once. IMO, that’s a big, big deal. Changes things.



    We won, much needed. Keep it going!


    Do recall a 20 yd I think to TP that Shaf threw on a rope. Penn came out in 2nd flat. We didn’t. OL and DL took over the LOS.
    Tigers more of the same .look to be very one dimensional on O pass and more pass.



    like i said, we will get it together. its never as bad as it seems and never as good. we are a decent team with plenty of room to grow. where are the fire the coaches writers??? lol



    Please Game On, we are all happy that we won the game. However, one win doesn’t make up for fact that we have had one of the worst defenses in all of FCS for three years running and somehow the defensive coordinator kept his job.

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    [quote quote=28209]Please Game On, we are all happy that we won the game. However, one win doesn’t make up for fact that we have had one of the worst defenses in all of FCS for three years running and somehow the defensive coordinator kept his job.


    I agree. None of us want to trash Lehigh, we all enjoy winning. But you cannot discount the mistakes that were made over the last couple years (please don’t even get me started with Leh-Laf 150). Combine that with Coen’s unwarranted faith in bringing back a defensive coordinator and scheme that has shown absolutely nothing and you will get a somewhat agitated fan base that feels a need for change at the top. Pretty sure Coen understood this when Bott came back this year.

    Game On, do you really want puff out your chest and hitch your wagon to one half of good defensive football after watching the last 2 years and the 1st 2 1/2 games of this year? While it was great to watch, I just don’t think something just “clicked” yesterday. I think it was a combination of some good adjustments and an injured Penn QB. Hold Colgate to under 35 and then I’ll be impressed.

    This offense can be special and it could also go far into the playoffs. That being said, if your defense cannot hold a mediocre offense to under 400 yds and 40 pts, you won’t win a game in the postseason. Some of us aspire to see Lehigh as a factor in the postseason and not just the Patriot League champs.

    And a side question to anyone with expertise with a 3-3-5 defense…Is there any reason why you stay in a base 3-3-5 defense on 4th and 1 on the 6 yard line? Not being sarcastic, just curious.



    im just staying positive…too much negativity!!! great question on 3-3-5 on 4th and 1. Its either a mistake on coaches.maybe thinking they already had the first down and not being able to get the kids on the field or what i think, a 3-3-5 is really designed to cover all quarters of the field. but what it does mostly is it frees up lbs to fill a-b-c gaps to stuff runs. if run well you will see alot of d-line stunting making the o-line think. this is supposed to create mis-matches and missed assignments by the o-line allowing a defensive player to run free. i wish bot would bring some late dbs in on blitzes or atleast delay blitz lb’s. the delay blitz lb usually will go untouched because the oline is trying to figure out who to block with all the stunting. we run it a lil bland and thats why we do not get much pressure. i still think personel is the main reason we stay in 3-3-5. not sure for certain. but we won…


    Doc Qb

    Penn runs a 3-3-5 and we torched it. Colton didn’t have his best first half. We lined up Ripanti in second half on DL as an end, sent him rushing instead of in coverage, and it made a huge difference. Some better secondary disguises too, screwed up a few bubbles and foiled a bubble-and-go. The D has some confidence as game wore on. Haven’t seen that in awhile.

    Nick settled down after a terrible INT and made some big time senior throws, many on third and long, and it propelled the O to end half strong and bury them in second. He was a better field general and a difference maker this week and let his weapons go to work.

    It was a fun nite to be in Philly. We had a great crowd and traveled well. I really wanted to put 50 on the board.


    Agree with Doc, I was especially impressed when the db’s did not fall for the fake bubble and go, probably good coaching their also

    missed tackles still get under my skin, but even after Monmouth and Villanova I really felt that the team was gaining confidence and they would beat Penn

    guys should have a bit of a chip on their shoulder this week, remembering the game at Princeton last year



    Morning Call reporter said 2nd half defense was best in several years. Is it possible a corner has been turned? We’ll see Saturday against a Princeton team that put up 50 on us last year


    just a fan

    Great Breakdown


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