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    First, here’s Pomeroy’s prediction on how the PL season will come to a close:

    Army 10-4
    Holy Cross 8-6
    Lafayette 8-6
    Colgate 7-7
    Lehigh 7-7
    Bucknell 6-8
    American 5-9
    Navy 5-9

    He also believes (78% likelihood) that Lehigh will come out on top in tomorrow’s opener against American. Final: 74-66.

    As for Sagarin, he see’s LU winning by 9 tomorrow. Other offerings off his Predictor Model include:

    LC by 4 over HC
    BU by 7 over Navy
    Army by 2 over CU

    Game 1: American

    Game Notes: … 010910.pdf

    As for this one, I wouldn’t be so quick to call it an 8 or 9 point victory as the lines would suggest. While we may have scored nearly 13 more points per game (71.9 to 59.1 per game), shot with greater accuracy (.433 to .405 overall and .375 to .352 on the 3’s), and limit our turnovers a bit more effectively (13.7 to 15.2) than American, I’m afraid this one could be up for grabs. The reason: Number # 14, Vlad Moldoveanu. The 6’9" native of Bucharest, Romania is a St. John’s transfer. Since joining the club, the team is 2 up and 4 down after a 1 and 8 start. Vlad leads his team in scoring @ 17.3ppg while pulling down a respectable 4 boards/game. For a big guy, he’s not afraid to loft them up from deep (approx. 6 attempts/game) where he hits with decent to good accuracy (.439). He has however adjusted his sights in the last two games preferring to come inside putting up just 3 from long range in their loss to Columbia and 4 before that in their win over Brown. The guy is a scoring machine. It’ll ought to be fun (not sure the coaches would agree with that choice of words) to watch him and the manner in which we attempt to control his point production especially when one of their other big guys is in the line-up – which is just about always. I speak of 6’11" sophomore forward Graft (8.5ppg) and 6’8" sophomore forward Lumpkin (11.1ppg). The latter leads the team in blocks with 26 and in second in the PL in rebounds with 8.3 per game. Carrington and Knutson will have to be at their best with help from Buchberger or Ojo, I would imagine. Like I say, it’ll be fun to watch.

    I look for us to play up tempo and exert heavy pressure on their less than sure-handed guards. With it should come transition buckets – a key to victory in my mind. Their guards appear vulnerable – in particular 5’11" freshman, Blake Jolivette. He has already turned the ball over a team-high 45 times while getting 23 minutes of playing time each game. Their other man at the point, Nick Hendra isn’t far behind, turning it over 38 times this year and finds himself on the court a lofty 30 minutes/night.

    Here’s hoping for a good turnout at Stabler but mindful that the Jets and Eagles will have something to say about that.


    Small edit: Vlad is a transfer from George Mason

    We should win this game tomorrow. It’s at home and our superior guards should set the tempo and control the game. We also have plenty of bigs to throw at Vlad and play him physically. Lumpkins is a tough player (seems quite similar to Knutson really) and we need to keep him off the boards. Hoping for a good one and a decent turnout.



    I can’t head to Stabler, but you can bet I’ll be watching the game on Lehighsports. If you go to Stabler, chances are the concession stand will be carrying the game if you have to have updates! (That is, if you don’t have automatic updates on your cell phone.)


    Keymaster … s-and.html

    At Stabler Arena this weekend, expect some fireworks at the kickoff of Patriot League play – and expect some frequent checks at the concession stands, where the Eagles game is likely to be broadcast starting at 8PM Saturday night.

    But it’s another set of Eagles – the 3-12 American U. Eagles (Real Time RPI: 338) – that invade Stabler this weekend. The two-time defending Patriot League champions are quite different than the senior-laden squad that played last year, with five underclassmen on the floor.



    Thanks for the edit on George Mason. I didn’t think it sounded right when I typed it.

    The American Game Notes are well done (see below). … s/20100108
    Lock Down Defense, Cleaning the Glass, Off the Bench, ………..

    I guess a crowd of 693 won’t faze them. They average 4763 away from Bender.

    One last vote for a strong LU "D" and some balanced scoring. It seems to be the winning combination of late. In each of their last four losses (all since the arrival of Vlad and in games to UMBC, Penn St., Florida, and Columbia) AU has averaged just 38.9% from the field and turned the ball over an average of 15.5 times.




    HoopTime’s coverage solid, as usual. Thanks, Chris, for spending our day in the Lehigh Valley. Look forward to your coverage of the team whenever possible. It’s refreshing. Check out the post games audio comments of Marquis Hall,Coach Reed and AU’s Coach Jones, as well.

    Some LU highlights and memories from last night…….

    11 players played; 11 players scored.

    Never tied or loss the lead.

    More than half of our field goals were "assisted."

    Zahir gets another double-double.

    The seniors step up and show others the way it’s done in league play……43 pts., .600 FG average, 19 boards, and 8 assists/3 turnovers, in 83 minutes of play.

    Hall turns the switch "on" with acrobatic shots (team-high 17 points), deft interior passing and solid (7 of 8) free throw shooting.

    Won it without the need for 3s…….hit just 1 of 6 from long range.

    Ojo slam dunk just when you thought AU was about to make a serious comeback in the 2nd half.

    An undersized Adams fighting in the paint and being successful on a key tip-in basket.

    Zahir’s hustle and determination together with his vocal leadership on the court and from the bench.

    Surprised appearance by Jordan Hamilton (8 minutes). Just how deep is this bench?!

    LU took 9 fewer shots (54 to 63 FG attempts) and still won the game by nine points.

    LU’s aggressive and extended perimeter defense. AU went 5 of 17 from deep and didn’t connect (7 attempts) in the first half.

    LU in transition and the easy 12 points that resulted.

    A solid win without the need for CJ to be spectacular. He simply went about his business in getting 10 points in 33 minutes of play.

    LU had no answer for AU’s recent addition, Vlad Moldoveanu, who got "his points" (this time, 24) in 35 minutes of play. American will win its fair share of games this year based solely on his extraordinary shooting abilities. Impressed, too, by his ball-handling skills (1 turnover in 33 minutes of play).



    Moldoveanu, I’ll bet, will get NBA looks. But he can’t do it alone. The Eagles have time to get things together, and they have the look of a team that could scare the bejeezus out of teams in the PL tournament if they get their act in the backcourt together.

    Having said that, what an encouraging start to PL play. Up by 18 at one point… as coach Reed said, the best 20 minutes of basketball played by this team so far this year.



    Nice win tonight., LU needs to hold those big leads and dominate. Good job guys. Lumpkins from AU was s force as well. Adams had a little action. Keep an eye on Lumpkins and Adams:)

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