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    Game Notes

    How Pomeroy see it on Saturday (rankings shown)
    LU 91
    AU 163
    LU wins 68-60 (80% chance)

    BU 106
    LC 220
    BU wins 77-64 (87% chance)

    How Pomeroy saw it on Wednesday
    Army @ AU……….AU by 13…………..Actual: AU by 17
    Navy @ BU………..BU by 19…………..Actual: BU by 24
    LC @ HC…………..HC by 5…………….Actual: LC by 8
    CU @ LU…………..LU by 25…………..Actual: LU by 13

    Semifinal Sagarin Rankings and Resulting Lines
    LU 96
    AU 174
    Line: LU -10

    BU 111
    LC 234
    Line: BU – 13

    A look back at our play against AU this year

    Game 1 (1/11/12) @ Lehigh……………We win 71-60
    AU plays without Brewer
    We needed and got the win to avoid 0-2 start in league play
    Five 3’s from Adams and Hamilton keyed 2nd half push
    AU’s 6’11” Center, Riley Grafft scores 10 & gets 5 boards in 23 minutes
    CJ nets 26 and swipes 5
    Game 2 (2/19/12) @ AU………….We lose 62-71
    We came in riding a 4-game winning steak
    Wroblicky (18 pts. / 17 rbs.) dominates Knutson (8 pts. / 2 rbs.)
    Brewer (17 pts.) is one of 4 AU players in double-figures
    We were out-rebounded 27-44
    Hamilton was hot early on; CJ later
    Both teams go on long scoring runs
    CJ nets 30 and pulls down 9

    2 game series totals
    Looking comfortable
    CJ 56pts., 13 rebounds, 6 steals
    MM 9 pts., 4 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 turnovers
    JH 20 pts., 4 rebounds
    GK 15 pts., 12 rebounds
    JA 13 pts., 9 rebounds

    Struggling to score
    HG 3 pts. (1 for 12 shooting)

    Point Guard Battle
    McKnight 9 pts., rebounds, 12 assists, 3 turnovers
    Munoz 17 pts., 4 rebounds, 8 assists, 9 turnovers

    AU’s Dynamic Due of Hinkle and Wroblicky
    60 Pts. (45.8% of team’s total)
    29 Rebounds (35.8% of team’s total)

    Mission Impossible (winning formula): Contain three of the league’s Top 6 three-point shooters {Hinkle (.476), Munoz (.476), and Brewer (.465)} while matching or exceeding the “points in the paint” and rebounding numbers of Wroblicky, Hinkle, and Grafft.



    My 5c analysis:

    * Keep Hinkle ice-cold
    * Don’t let Wroblicky out-muscle us in the paint again

    How’s that? :)



    Going to be a very tough game. Hoping some folks show up to cheer on Lehigh, in, most likely, their final home game. I don’t see any way that Bucknell loses to Lafayette. Even if they shoot like they did against HC (which they won’t), Bison will find a way on their home floor. Gabe needs to be a factor. Hopefully, HG starts to pick it up.


    Wroblicky isjust not that good. Gabe and Maneri s/b able to contain him. We need 1. perimeter D and better rebounding.BJ will really help this time. Continue my hope that Greiner gets out of his funk.


    I’m not sure how good “that good” is, but Wroblicky imo has improved markedly as the year has progressed. The only thing stopping him from being a really good player right now is that he is extremely foul-prone. His PL stats look like this:

    MPG = 16 (was in foul trouble over half of AU’s games)
    PPG = 8.1
    RPG = 6.2 (3rd in PL)
    BPG = 1.2 (3rd in PL – 1st if all games are used)
    FG pct = 61.2% (1st in PL)

    For a guy playing only 16 mpg, that’s very impressive. If he ever reaches the point where he stays out of foul trouble, he could lead the league in rebounds and blocked shots and be top ten in scoring – particularly if he improves his conditioning somewhat.



    All right, who’s going to the game? Students are on break and we need everyone!
    Let’s hear from you. There’s talk of a tailgate prior to opening tip.

    GO LU



    I’ll be heading out with a group of 4-6 Lehigh fans/alums. Likely going to grab some sandwiches from the Goose, a bunch of beers and set up shop outside of Stabler for a few hours before the game. Probably be all set up by 12:30. We’ll likely be the only people in the parking tailgating so won’t be hard to find us. Everyone on the board is welcome to join us.



    Won’t be there, but will be at Bucknell, if they win. I forgot about Spring Break. This could have the makings of a couple years ago when Lehigh hosted Lafayette for PL title, Lehigh was on break, and 95% of the support was for Lafayette. Whole upper endzone jammed with Lafayette students in red/white. Probably my saddest day as a Lehigh alum, even though we won the game.



    Why can’t they start these games at 7 PM? I’m sure it is TV’s call, but I hate the weekend afternoon tip.



    90..well I know the big thing with the tv contract was having both semifinal games live on CBS Sports, so they would have to be different times. According to my listings, CBS Sports has college hockey at 7 pm. Interestingly enough, however, is the Cablevision listings have a different set of games at 2 pm (Wash@UCLA or LSU@Auburn) and TBA at 4:30 pm. Patriot League site, as well as game notes, list the game as on CBS Sports live, so I will have to assume for now Cablevision is wrong. Hope that is the case.

    See everyone who can make the tailgate and game tomorrow.


    Yes, it’s 100% TV’s call. Lehigh (and Bucknell) have no choice – nor does the PL.



    Man a long season, and here we are, PL Semis, one and done time, survive and advance is name of the game. 3 keys:
    1.) Limit 2nd chance points for AU/control defensive glass
    2.) JH – can he stick with brewer or hinkle, if he isn’t jhitting open 3 early, reed pulls JH and lets BJB go to work on D end and with jumper
    3.) MM – has to be 3d man, AU pg cant stick with him, drive/draw/dish the rock to lu bigs down low

    LUHoops00 – lets go – drink a few for me boys outside stabler, and get the low crowd fired up….



    Wow, complete game shut out right there if you’re scoring at home. That was a killer mentality 2nd half, complete domination. CJ, what can you say, with 3/4 nba scouts in attendance he did it all, 3’s/drives/fadeaways/pullups…10 boards, just dirty, congrats on 2000 points CJ3….I’ll tell you what is ironic, we talked all preseason about BJB, how he could be huge X factor and then we get no BJB all year, and finally the good dr gave the kid a chance and he has turned around this team and given them another gear…he is great defensively, hits the glass hard, that block today on Wroblicky was 6’3 going up and up and…and the 3 balls are nice addition…his replacing AD and SC in rotation huge move in this season from the staff..and its given team a boost, just a different dimension, BJ is first class PL athlete, and with CJ and MM we’re super athletic in backcourt…

    great seeing HG look like himself, he had a sick 2nd half, and carries some nice momo into championship game…gabe had big 1st half keeping us going..see who wins this next game and wednesday will be a battle either way…we’re so deep, lets win this thing…fired up fired up LUHoops00



    That’s as dominating a second half as Lehigh’s played all year. Crvrkalj’s rebound and put back at the first half buzzer was a huge momentum booster.
    CJ’s 27 and 10, Mackey 14 and 7, and Greiner 14 off the bench…all impressive.
    This team heads into the title game winners of 7 straight and 11 of 12. 25 wins! A 2000-point scorer. Go Lehigh! Win the PL title!


    Wow, will watch again just to enjoy. Monster 2nd half. Greiner has his bounce back.

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