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    Game Notes



    We await

    AU (13-11, 6-6) ranked 214th
    LU (13-10, 7-5) ranked 193rd
    LU wins 59-55 (69% chance)

    In our first matchup with AU back on January 14, Pee Wee Gardner sent us home losers with a three-pointer to win it in the final second of play. It hurt – particularly after solid shooting performances from TK, AP and BA and the over-the-top rebounding work of nearly everyone (10, in fact) who played. Of course, we didn’t shoot the ball particularly well that night from long distance (2 of 13) and, in hind sight, probably played too much a “one-man’s” game (only 8 assists,) and squandered the ball far too often on offense (14 TO’s).

    Lucky for us, tomorrow night’s game will be played at Stabler where, after dropping our first two at home, we have won the last four. In fact, we are 6 and 1 overall since bowing to this very same Eagle team on January 14th. Conversely, AU as dropped four of their last seven and has picked up just one road win over that period of time. The Eagles are coming in off a disappointing effort up at Colgate on Saturday in which they were out- gunned 23 to 16 in terms of MFGs and out-rebounded 29 to 22. No one on the AU squad broke into double-figures. The ugly details of that game follow:

    Momentum and PL Stats (see below) would certainly appear, therefore, to be on our side.

    Category LU / AU

    Scoring #5 @ 69.6ppg / #10 @ 58.5ppg
    FG% Defense #1 @ .401 / #5 @ .452
    Rebounding Margin #3 @ +1.9 / #10 @ -5.9

    However, an AU win would bolt them into a 7-6 tie with us – and perhaps others – for third place in the Standings. Boston U. and Lafayette each play tonight and wins by either or both would push them ahead into 7-6 records, as well. And, should tournament seeding come down breaking ties between teams with identical W/L records – as it most likely will – an AU sweep of LU would be devastating and perhaps mean the difference of playing at home or on the road. The Eagles – dead tired as they may be after coming off a 740 mile round trip to Colgate and back on Saturday – have to be thinking: get by Lehigh, move into third, earn the tie-breaker, and know that they play four of their final five at Bender Arena where they are 4-1 (only two points separated them from being 5-0). Not a bad scenario if you’re an Eagle fan.

    Tonight’s games available on PL Live:
    Holy Cross (4-8) @ Army (5-7)
    Bucknell (8-4) @ Navy (5-7)
    Lafayette (6-6) @ Loyola (5-7)
    Colgate (8-4) @ Boston U. (6-6)

    Dream List of Winners: HC, Navy, Loyola, and Boston U.



    Note: We can watch this one on the big(ger) screen tomorrow night; CBS Sports Network is carrying it.



    I’m covering all bases. I’ll watch on the really big screen….Stabler Arena and I’m taping the game to listen to commentary.
    LU65, if you’re going, I believe my tickets are right behind you in Section 4. If anyone else is planning to stop by, I invite you to come visit.




    I am seriously considering making another trip up, to catch the ‘pards game at Stabler. This would definitely be a record for me since I graduated – 3rd in a season! Now to sell this to my wife…



    ??? for AU but a lock for LC. Hope to see you all. Todd, bring her along!




    Bucknell shoots 28% from the field and walks away with a one point win over home-standing Navy.

    Holy Cross wins only their second game on the road and does it in convincing fashion downing Army 73-64.

    Loyola up by 25 with 5+ minutes to go in the game.



    I will definitely offer to bring her 65, but she is NOT a fan of the 7 hour drive. Especially with 2 little girls – ha!
    Actually thinking about finding a way to work from LU that week. Would be awesome to see both pards and bucky! Probably a pipe dream though…



    How big is tonight’s game?

    If American wins, we end up with matching 7-6 records with AU taking over third based upon their sweep of our 2-game season series.

    If we win, we go to 8-5 and take over sole possession of third – a game out first/second – and enjoy a two-game lead over four other teams tied at 6-7.

    Yeah, it’s big.


    hope they solved the zone D



    I think the key to tonight’s game may be AP. The way to beat a zone is to hit a few 3s. That brings the zone out, opens up both passing and driving lanes. AP is due for a breakout game. The last very good game AP has had was the last time we played American. Since then he has shot 10 out of 38 or 26%. If he doesn’t have it again tonight, let’s hope BA comes out of his funk.



    Another GREAT win. No sign of panic when we fell behind early, dominated for 3 quarters of game.
    Fell into AU’s pace in 2nd half, but that’s probably OK when holding a lead. All “go” from here.

    P.S. I’m goin’ to the tourney, wherever.



    Fun game, lots of contributors and your best players played well. 7 of 8 keep it going. Block party on D end as well. Tim showed his full arsenal tonight. Ross could have had about 6/8 more points and 5 more dimes if things broke right. Ap was solid, miles little plug in half one. Goldy big first half and Jesse contributed again nicely.


    Agree 00. That was enjoyable. Great D and teamwork. Seems Doc is finally down to his rotation. Now to beat Bucknell. Well win all the others too. :)



    Just got back from the game.
    My observations
    1.)Anyone watching on television probably missed the hi-lite of the night, the halftime show. They brought back the rope jumpers from Bucks County who brought the house down. Standing ovation from everyone.
    2.)Back to basketball :-). This was my 1st game live since Holy Cross. TK’s game has improved significantly in that time. Very few missed shots inside. Two blocks. When double teamed, he kicked the ball back out on occasion (something I wish he would do more of). He only had 3 rebounds, which mystified me. I thought he had a lot more.
    3.)The energy took off when MS and JC were inserted in the game. Their minutes tonight reflected that. JC in particular rebounded the ball with a tenacity I haven’t seen from him in a while. There are some days though that he just have his outside shot and he needs to not force it.
    4.)AP had one of his more complete games. Bunch of boards and steals and clutch FTs at the end. My only criticism was that ill-advised 3 point attempt after a rebound near the end of the game. I think the entire arena was yelling to pull it back.
    5.)Whoever was guarding Reed did a nice job. I think he only had 1 or 2 points until garbage time when we stopped playing defense. He look exhausted.
    6.)I think we can safely pencil KR in for about 10 and 5 every night. I keep getting a feeling that next year he’ll find a way to finish his shots. He is so good at getting to the basket though.
    7.) The blue seats in the student section were at least 75% full. Many left after the halftime show though.

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