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    Sorry for the late posting, but I’ve been away from electronics since Monday a.m.; and the first posting was getting long

    I got there a little late and stayed there for about 90 minutes. Some takeaways from my perspective in the stands — using the numbers on jerseys compared to the numbers on the online roster. No research … so hopefully I’m on target

    Defense looked way ahead of the offense, particularly at the LOS. D had a couple of key injured LBs working out on sidelines … I saw only one player with crutches, though lots of guys (maybe 10) sat out.

    I saw no one as dominant as Kurfis or Spadola in the receiving corps. Some decent WRs, but … Guy I’d never seen but who stood out to me: WR Michael Anderson, SO, 6-2, 205. What kind of hands will he have come game time, if the coaches agree with my assessment? He had a drop the other day, I think.

    RBs: I really liked the depth.

    FR Chris Leigh — 5-11, 200 — was impressive. Just a tad smaller than Bucknell’s freshman sensation of last year C.J. Williams. That’s who Leigh reminded me of, along with a touch of Eric Rath. Perhaps less powerful but more shifty than a senior Zach Barket. Leigh is shifty and quick, though I saw at least one fumble on a bad handoff.

    Yosha, who was carrying a bag with colored caps, will be really impressive if he’s better than Leigh.

    FR Nana Amankwah-Ayeh, 5-11, 200, caught my attention on a couple of carries, dragging defenders a few yards when you thought he was stopped.


    Everyone got into the mix, which was fun.

    Biggest surprise to me was Timochenko. At 6-3, 215, he looks like the real deal. Based on what I saw, he has the strongest arm — not that he was always accurate in the limited time I saw him.

    Overall, McHale looked the best, to me.

    Clearly, McHale and Shaf have the advantage of knowing the system, etc., but I really liked Timochenko. I did not see him really run (QBs were protected), but perhaps he could take on a Colvin QB/HB-option role at some point.

    The other FR QB, Brendan Craven, did not look bad, either.

    Based on the limited stuff I saw, my guess is coaches will name McHale or Shaf, but I’d like to see Timochenko get more time.

    LU needs to work on long snaps, punts (hang time), and kick returns. Leaks, I think, broke a nice KR. My recollection is Pandy hit a FG from 43 (not much room to work with), but missed one wide from 35 or so (not sure). Not worried about him.

    Saw some nice plays by JR DB Randall Lawson. Another guy who stood out physically, and who seemed to get a lot of PT, was SO OL Zach Duffy, who looked all of 6-5, 310 — about the biggest guy out there.

    Hope that helps …


    Thanks qb. Glad you could make it.Great review. Anderson ,Andy had praised.For me OL and DL most important . Zach has to work into 2 deep,has the talent. Nana sounds like a churner.A lot of LBs were out Caslow,Harvey, I know of. Lawson,IMO .as good or better than Rigaud.Next scrimmage should set the squad for JMU.

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