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    I offer this for discussion purposes only:
    I fully understand our recent success but does anyone else have some concern about Gabe’s performances recently?
    I suspect everyone had Knutsen down as the #2 player (behind CJ) on the team when the season started and for most of pre-season. Over the last 4 Div 1 games however, he has been our #3 option without CJ at best and in 2 of those 4 games (Bryant and American), he is even further down in the pecking order.
    Are teams now cutting off the middle, perhaps doubling down on Gabe in CJ’s absence? Is that opening up shots for Greiner? North Texas did not have the opportunity to game plan for CJ’s absence.
    Did Bryant game plan for CJ not being there?
    Hopefully this is just a bit of mid-season slump. Bucknell is coming up quickly by the way.



    Gabe is a four year contributor to the program, starting in 2009-10 when he averaged nearly 10 points, a career 51% shooter, 12 point/5.6 rebound guy.  He has always had games where he has struggled and been out of synch.  Sometimes he just does not get the rolls.  Also, when he gets into foul trouble – you can forget about him.

    I believe he is supremely confident in his array of moves and his ability to score the basketball. Occasionally he is impatient and does not make the best decisions. Often his great touch (or tenacity) will bail him out of a bad sequence.

    Just watch – he will bounce back with a great performance which will have folks saying “Holden Who?” ..



    He, as did all Lehigh’s bigs,  got in foul trouble last night. Hurt his minutes and thus he
    couldn’t get into any kind of rhythym.

    He had 12 on Saturday against Holy Cross.

    There is some doubling on Gabe in recent games. Teams daring someone else to beat them.
    Holden and Mackie have responded



    I’d love to have to worry about Gabe for the rest of the season, because that means we’re having a hell of a year. GK will be fine, absolutely no concern whatsoever.

    He actually got off to a slow start to PL play last year, by GK standards that is, as he went for 12/9/5/7 in his first 4 PL games. Perhaps he is putting a bit too much pressure on himself with CJ out, but he’ll settle down and get going, probably go for 20+ on Saturday night. Beautiful thing is we are deep and everyone is playing well right now.





    Let me explain why I asked the question LUHoops00. I attended the Bryant and Holy Cross games. I wasn’t particularly looking if teams were defensing much differently but it was obvious to me at least that Lehigh was having a difficult time getting the ball to Gabe in a position where he could post up. Either he was too far from the basket or as soon as he caught the ball, there were 2 guys on him. CJ played in the Bryant game but I was wondering if absent CJ, teams would start scheming to take Gabe out of the game. That’s not insurmountable with HG and MM playing as they are but Gave has only 17 assists in 16 games.



    I am going to go with the theory that Gabe is putting too much pressure on himself because he assumes everyone expects him to replace CJ. I agree that Gabe will be fine. He needs to settle down and play his role, not try to take all the pressure. Teams will come after him. Now that teams see LU has options, they may lay off him.



    TMH – NO need at all to explain the question, I get it and agree with you, it is fair quesiton. You and I have seen the same thing over the last few games, I agree with you, I just am not that worried bud.


    I actualy think this is more of a coaching staff fix then a GK fix. They have to see tape and get him back into proper position and get guards to get him teh ball in the right spots.








    I’m not worried. Lehigh has shown that it has a number of weapons that have become unveiled due to CJ’s injury. I think it’s great that we are discussing why our #2 guy is ‘struggling’, we’re without our #1, and we’re still winning. Depth of quality is the key to any successful program regardless of the sport.

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