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    Game Notes's%20Basketball/2013-14/24%20-%20Army.pdf

    LU (12-11, 5-5) 215th
    Army (11-10, 7-3) 212th
    Army wins 74-70 (66% chance)

    KenPom Notes

    Adjusted efficiency: Raw offensive efficiency is points scored per 100 offensive possessions. The adjusted version adjusts for the quality of opposing defenses, the site of each game, and when each game was played (recent games get more weight). Defensive efficiency is points allowed per 100 defensive possessions, adjusted for the same things. (The ratings glossary page has more details on points per possession calculations.)

    ARMY – 110.5 and ranked 143rd in nation and 2nd in PL
    LEHIGH – 103.0 and ranked 249th in nation and 6th in PL
    Fyi…..Duke is ranked 1st with a rating of 127.9

    Offensive Rebounding:

    ARMY – 33.1% and ranked 127th in the nation and #1 in PL
    LEHIGH – 25.6% and ranked 321st in the nation and #7 in PL
    Fyi…..Kentucky is ranked 1st with a rating of 47.1%


    Tempo: We can estimate possessions very well from box score stats by using this formula: FGA-OR+TO+0.475xFTA.
    For each team, possessions are counted for the team and their opponents, and then averaged. A team’s average tempo is total possessions divided by minutes. This value is then adjusted for schedule, considering the preferred pace of each opponent and when each game was played

    ARMY – 68.1 and ranked 65th in nation and 1st in PL
    LEHIGH – 63.5 and ranked 235th in nation and 6th in PL
    Fyi…..VMI is ranked 1st @ 77.3


    ARMY – 1.17 years and ranked 312th in nation
    LEHIGH – 1.18 years and ranked 318th in nation

    Bench Minutes:

    ARMY 39.0% and ranked 33rd in the nation
    LEHIGH 26.3% and ranked 272nd in the nation
    Be prepared for waves of mass substitutions from the Army bench and match-up headaches for Reed and Co.



    Go get em Lehigh!!!



    Does anyone know why MM is not playing tonight?


    Late for a practice this week so not starting. Came in with about 12 minutes left in the first half.



    Same ol’ Mackey. How disappointing!


    did anyone detect even one positive thing from this game?


    Well we were very relaxed in the 1st half :).
    Another game where we sleep thru 1st half and get frenetic in the 2nd. Cant see that anyone played well. A shame we win most of these uf we just show up early. Dont need a great game just a whole one and we win. One good thing W made an apple pie tonite. That was a positive in my house :)



    Power outages extended to Lehigh’s first half offense.

    Hard to win games when the scoreboard reads 25-8 with 8 minutes left in the half.

    Hard to win games specifically against Army when you fall behind like that. The one absolute, unchangeable constant about the Academies is that they are extremely hard workers and they have a deep bench. It’s the one team where Lehigh cannot afford this game of falling behind then rallying (and now they’re 0-2 against Army as a result).

    Until Lehigh finds a way to beat a team like this, they won’t be Patriot League champions. Bank on it.


    did anyone detect even one positive thing from this game?

    Short Answer: No

    Long answer: Mackey having to be sat as a sr for a dumb infraction is pretty pathetic. Free throws are embarrassing on this team right now. Shane just needs to go up strong and try to finish instead of trying to get foul calls. Jesse is shooting 37%. AP seems to have regressed a bit since the beginning of the season, which is disappointing. AND lastly, the team really needs to figure out how to start games. Time to alter the starting 5?



    Positive? I didn’t actually barf…

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