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    [quote quote=26115]Would they possibly host a game or is there a place all games are played


    Possibly could host a game, although doubtful. If they did host, it would cost them $50,000 for the first round.



    In case you missed it, we will not be playing in the CBI. The field was announced late last evening.

    CBI Field is Announced

    No clue as to if we were approached.



    I really don’t see the point in playing in the CBI, especially if faced with a near-certain money-losing proposition in front of a sparse crowd, home or away.

    The NIT at least attracts some teams from big-time conferences. But AFAIC, at our level, it’s NCAA Tourney or just prepare harder for next season. That’s a way better use of money.



    Horrible field in CBI this year. CIT bad as well.


    I don’t see any good reason to play in these post season tournaments that mean nothing. A great chance to incur a major injury to a star player. I think, more than anything, the players need some time off. Cleanse the mind. One of the biggest problems in all sport today is the over extending of the seasons. Bodies wear out!! They need to rejuvenate mentally and physically.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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