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    Game Notes

    Ken Pomeroy Rankings
    LU 96
    Army 283
    Lehigh wins 85-66 (93% chance)

    Sagarin Rankings
    LU 97
    Armey 288
    Line: LU -18

    ABOUT ARMY (from
    After an 0-2 start in Patriot League play, the Black Knights have won three of their last four games. Army is coming off a 74-68 home victory versus Holy Cross last Wednesday. The Black Knights trailed by as many as seven in the first half and were down by six in the second half before a 14-0 run pushed them out in front for good. Junior F Ella Ellis led all scorers with a season-high 26 points. Junior F Jordan Springer posted a career-high 18 points and led all players with eight rebounds.

    The Black Knights rank third in the Patriot League in scoring at 69.5 points per game. It is the team’s highest scoring average since the 2000-01 team scored 72.0 points per contest. Army has cracked the 70-point mark in each of its last five victories, and own a 7-3 record when scoring at least 70 points this season.

    Army has made 180 three-pointers through 21 games. The Black Knights’ 8.57 three-pointers per game average is just short of its record-setting pace of 8.8 per game last season. Army is shooting 38.9 percent from deep, the third-best accuracy rate in program history. Army’s 180 three-pointers rank ninth in the nation, while its per-game average is tied for 13th. The Black Knights are tied for 29th in the country in three-point field goal percentage.

    The Black Knights have three of the top six three-point shooters in the Patriot League. Sophomore G Josh Herbeck is tied for the league lead with 53 triples. Senior G Julian Simmons is fourth with 50 makes, and senior F Ella Ellis is sixth in the conference with 44 three-pointers. Army is the only team in the league with three players with at least 40 three-pointers. Simmons is only the fourth Army player to ever make at least 50 three-pointers in a season three times.

    Junior F Ella Ellis leads the team and is third in the conference at 18.0 points per game. Ellis has scored in double figures in 23 straight games, including eight 20-point performances this season. It is the Black Knights’ longest streak since Mark Lueking had a 23-game run encompassing portions of the 1993-94 and 1994-95 seasons.


    Seen them 2x on TV, non stop running. Frenetic. We must control pace


    LU and Army play both play at a very fast pace. Almost the same for the full year and identical in PL games. So what’s to control? It seems like LU plays better at a frenetic pace.



    Good win tonight. Play at a good pace every game and see what happens.



    Wasn’t at game, but looks like from box that CS started over MM? Is that accurate? Is there a story behind it?


    Lee Hai Phan

    According to Reed after-game interview, another minor rules infraction that “coaching staff” thought punishable.



    Some random thoughts and observations from Section 4/Row EE

    You want to play up-tempo…..OK let’s go.
    What a fun display of athleticism. Lehigh took it to the Black Knights and “ran” over them at their own game (see Ken Pomeroy stats below) forcing 16 TOs while recording 10 steals and 7 blocked shots. Half to 3/4 court length passes leading to easy baskets had the fans into the game early. Fast break-points (17 to 8 in LU’s favor) bear out the results.

    Lehigh and Army lead the PL in Tempo (average # of possessions / game) but differ widely in Offensive Efficiency (# pts. per 100 possessions). You do the math, with Lehigh attempting 70 FGs to Army’s 59 (thanks to LU’s stingy defense forcing one shot-clock violation and numerous close calls), the results were predictable.

    LU 70.0 (41st in the nation)
    Army 70.9 (25th in the nation)

    Offensive Efficiency
    LU 107.0 pts. (60th in the nation)
    Army 92.2 pts. (288th in the nation)

    Fan Support
    OK, I know it’s not Sojka Pavilion-like numbers, but consider the following:
    Yesterday’s attendance: 1768*
    4 home PL games played to date: 5745 (1436 average)**

    * And, that’s with an extremely poor student showing (I counted 18 cheerleaders, 12 pep-band members and < 60 in the end-arena seats) yesterday. A careful glance around the arena would support the 1768 number as I'd estimate that more than 1/4 of the 5600 seats were occupied.

    ** At this point last year (4 PL games), we averaged 843.

    What do they say, "Win and they will come." Well maybe, just maybe, the Lehigh Valley is beginning to pay attention to a winning program (17 W's to date) and wants to see what all this CJ talk is about.

    If Cav’s personnel were there to watch, they had to be impressed with the solid line that included 25 pts., 10 boards, 5 steals and 3 assists. That last number could have easily stood at 5 with two dishes that led to missed shots (easy ones at that!). Hope the selfish talk is put to rest.

    Corey’s Start over Mackey
    Think it’s just another “shot over the bow” warning to Mackey for what might be another violation of team rules. Doubt it’s anything more than that. Mackey did, however, get the majority of minutes at the point and had an all around outstanding game. While some may disagree, I believe Coach Reed does run a tight ship and has the attention of all his players.

    Bench Coaching
    It happens a lot but gets little air time. Coach Reed and his staff – particularly Wyche and Krueger – more often than not will huddle with players returning to the bench. They never seem to miss a teaching opportunity. No one is beyond the long reach of their arms as they wonder back to the bench that includes CJ. I like it.

    John Adams
    norcal, this one is for you and all the fans who like this guy (me included)
    Another workmanlike performance from John with 5 pts and 5 boards in 12 minutes on flawless 2-2 shooting against Army. Seems like PL play suits him just fine and is deserving of the “first big off the bench” status.

    Stat: PL Play / OOC Play
    FGA: .615 / .385
    PPG: 6.6 / 2.8
    RPG: 2.6 / 3.3
    MPG: 16.9 / 11.2



    Another post I didn’t get to write with board down but that was bugging me over last week, MM suspended for at Laf game, and now this minor infraction, combined with suspended last year for BU semis game…add it up, season and a half worth of ball, and the soph has rung up two full legit suspensions and now a minor infraction. I love MM, love energy, love work ethic that CJ has praised often, but wonder what is going on here. Reed runs tight ship, true or false isn’t really the important thing here, the important thing is MM might not be getting the message. I don’t recall many other LU players ever missing games due to coaches suspensions before, and this is MM’s 3rd incident in 1.5 years….I’m a bit troubled and perplexed by it, cause by all accounts this is 1st class kid who works his butt off to be best he can be. But, something we can’t ignore and not comment on, it is an interesting story line to watch.


    Quote: “MM suspended for at Laf game, and now this minor infraction, combined with suspended last year for BU semis game…add it up, season and a half worth of ball, and the soph has rung up two full legit suspensions and now a minor infraction.”

    McKnight was not suspended for the Bucknell game last year – only disciplined. He played some minutes and likely would have played more had Small not had a career game (17 points, 6 steals, and really good defense).



    I too am bothered by the lack of court time for Mackey due to “discipline or suspensions.” There are two sides to every story. Who is the older guy on the bench with the players? The team doctor sat with them in previous years. Anyone know?



    Infraction? Is it the head coach and the others have to agree or was it coaching staff. This kid seems great on the court, but again one never knows what he is up to off the court. I love seeing him play. Lot’s of attitude, but in a good way. Go Mackey!




    Thanks for the information, I agree the atmosphere looked great and in the 5 years I have watched LU play Army, I can say LU was the most athletic this year. For all my complaining, I do like LU, but Reed and I will always disagree. Looking at the game yesterday, I could not help but notice some tension between Reed and Mackey. Let’s hope the kid plays for his team and does not allow the coach to get to him. There is life after basketball. Yes, team ball wins game.
    All this talk about the NBA is a little concerning. I hope CJ does not take off on LU. That would be a major blow to the program. Get your degree son, get better and see what awaits you.




    I would love to see stats on my other seniors, Hamilton and Maneri:). They have contributed in major ways too. Maneri and Hamilton have done a great job. One stat I have not seen is how many points per minutes a player contributes.



    RE: Mackey

    A replay of the audio from the TV coverage would seem to indicate that Mackey’s failure to start the Army game was simply a

    “coach’s decision”

    and not tied to either an injury or a violation of team rules. Maybe, as mentioned, it was a reward to Corey for his strong play in practice.


    Lee Hai Phan

    Quote from Tom Housenick article following Army game:
    “McKnight didn’t start Sunday’s game because of what Reed called a minor team rule that the coaching staff felt needed to be addressed.”

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