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    Lehigh did not shoot well but won the game, have yet to lose at home tnis season. Long string of road games coming up. Don’t play at home again til Feb 10.
    Keep it up ladies



    I’m thankful for the win but for the second game in a row we played down to the opponents level. There were far too may TOs in addition to an off-shooting night.



    Well, I abstained from commenting because I did not want to be the bearer of negative thoughts or hurt people’s feelings but I tend to agree with TMH. We played Colgate & Army guys!! (a combined 2-14 in the PL). Nice job with the PRs, the cute videos and all but it was only Colgate and Army… C’mon…
    LU did not play well at all, fast shooting, forced shots, questionable decision making, unforced TOs, no inside game. We’ll take the Ws, we’re 6-2 in the league but we’re far from being a powerhouse. We are stubbornly locked in a predictable and unoriginal strategy and we are still dealing with bad substitutions (matchups) and game management. BD is getting the KB treatment (named after a 2017 graduate) and their continuity offense ends up being a free for all offense. So, great for the Ws, not so great for the style. And most importantly, they only live by the 3s and it will eventually backfire.
    Loyola had our number last year, let’s see what happens there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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