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    Some interesting stuff found while scouring the FCS results today.

    — Colgate must be loaded. With Eachus and McCarney out, they still beat Cornell. Check out this recap … … nell-in-OT

    At Colgate, was that the same John Shigo on the ref crew as who played for LU?

    — Decker has another big game, but UNH scores only 10 points in loss to William and Mary. UNH had two fumbles losses and two INTs. Goes to show anyone can have a shaky day. … 4706.story

    — How good were Lehigh’s past opponents Princeton and Bucknell? Going in, you thought they’d be tough. Princeton was shut out 34-0 by Brown; Bucknell managed (-5_ yards rushing and only 140 total yards, going 0-11 on third downs in loss to Harvard.

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